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Seymour Duncan Black Winter Bridge

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  • Metal Bridge
  • Rock Bridge
  • RnR Middle
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  • 3 Ceramic magnets
  • Passive
  • Bridge position
  • 4-Wire and splittable
  • Extremely aggressive tone for heavy metal
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Active No
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output High
Kappe No
Colour Black
Position Bridge
available since October 2013
Item number 324549
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Black winter bridge pickup works AMAZINGLY
Gristh 09.11.2019
its a beast of a pickup for extreme music!
(conclusion at the end)

it has a nice mid tone with low end that doesnt get in the way of the bass fequency, and enough high to cut through the mix of whatever you play along with

when you play it through a clean tone it will distort it a little giving it a nice bluesy tone, when you get to a crunch sound it wil definitely give you all the gain and grit you need for a solid rock tone.
but when you get to the lead channel it will bring a powerful distortion sound that (as mentioned earlier) cuts through the mix amazingly, perfect for lead tones.

only thing to watch with this pickup is the highs on your amp, always play with the EQ of your amp when getting a new pickup to see what works and sounds best.

With looks they went with a little twist from their usual humbucker look. For starters instead of chrome look for the metal parts they went with a nice blackend style, and they normal "Seymour Duncan" name logo on the pickup in now in a little darker than normal old English font

its a pickup that really shines in the high gain/lead territory as it was designed for, but that doesn't mean it won't do classic rock or blues with a little twist, together with rocking the little changes in looks that give it that more agressive view makes this pickup a strong contender in the world of high output pickups


Angry and gritty
JoneHoftun 16.09.2020
Amazing pickup, not only for the the black metal permafrost it was named/designed for, but decent cleans and good medium gain tones to be had.


A great pickup in many different ways.
Cai 10.12.2016
I'd already played the Black Winter pickups in a Schecter KM6 I had tried out and thought they were fantastically tight but a little too bright without a slightly darker sounding rig. They were however fantastic for tunings from E standard all the way to C standard without changing gauges which was very impressive. I picked this up to replace a Bill Lawrence USA500xl that sounded icepick-like and muddy at the same time in a Dean ML I wanted to upgrade. My Dean is also a naturally warm sounding guitar, which is what led me to the Black Winter bridge. Upon getting the guitar back from the tech and plugging it into my various rigs, I noticed several things immediately.

Firstly, the Black Winter Bridge is nowhere a surprisingly versatile sounding pickup. The first sounds I got out of my newly upgraded guitar were more saturated and sludgy than I had expected and were excellent for anything from old school death metal to drone metal. Secondly, the mids were very very pleasant for such a high output pickup. There's a nice presence to the pickup but it doesn't come with any shrill or brittle tones unless you intentionally dial them in. Thirdly, this pickup is really noticeably different depending on the guitar you put it in. In my Dean, it's much more suited to something a little less tight and more saturated whereas in the KM6 I tried it would be fantastic for any music requiring a focused, clear and gainy tone.

This really is a very good sounding pickup. The lows are anywhere between thick and quite tight depending on the rig you run them through. The mids are pleasant and incredibly usable compared to other higher output pickups. The highs are anywhere from surprisingly muted to quite sharp depending on the value of potentiometers/inherent tone of the guitar which can be tricky to balance and is the only very slight downside to the tone, which can however be fixed with a potentiometer change or by rolling off the tone a little.

The output is quite high but not so that it obliterates the front end of the amp. There's a lot of clarity which does let you pile on the gain more if you want to whilst still allowing you to hear a good balance between high and low notes in chords.

This is a great pickup for any genre requiring gain of any sort. Try one out in at least two slightly tonally different guitars.


Very good sounding
Andrea. 03.04.2018
I use the pickup on my Ibanez GRG170 and it sounds very bright and clear both for clean and distorted tones. It's a great pickup for extreme and modern metal.
The cons are mainly two: it's not very versatile and in doesn't mix perfectly with the stock pickups in the 4th position of the switch beacause it has a higher output.
Overall it's a very good pickup.


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