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SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro


Reflexion Filter

The essential task of the reflection filter is to minimise negative effects coming through the recording space (reflections, echoes, background noises, etc.), thus enabling a "dry" recording of voices and acoustic instruments. The reflective filter offers an improved recording environment without complicated studio development or expensive vocal booths.

  • Transportable absorber / diffuser
  • For mounting behind the microphone (not included)
  • For recording without disturbing influences of space
  • Dimensions: 390 x 200 x 320 mm
Available since April 2006
Item number 191776
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Mic Stand Absorber
Dimensions 390 x 200 x 320 mm
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69 Reviews

It does the job....but
Chronos 03.09.2014
As a tool, it does the job well. It does exactly what it says it will do, which is give a more "studio" sounding room. With the help of some acoustic treatment behind where you stand (for now I've just got 2 very dense and thick foam matresses on the wall) it allows me to record a very usable sound in a 5m x 4m room that not at all acoustically treated.

My strife with this product is that it isn't the most well built of things. In fact I am finding it a little appalling. The logo is slightly dented on one corner (which just annoys me but doesn't affect the sound, I like things to look perfect and I'm sure I'm not the only one), the small glued on logo isn't really straight (again just annoying), the tightening bolts don't tighten enough to make it completely stable (one of the bolts actually snapped whilst I was tightening it to try and keep it secure), and the whole clamping structure just seems a little fiddly to me, I'm sure there is a much better way of doing it. The box had not been damaged in anyway during transport so I can tell that these faults are obviously from the factory.

Although I don't like the quality of the clamp or the bolts which seems to made of a metal/plastic alloy, I do recommend getting this if your room has terrible acoustics, as it is the only way to help without splashing out thousands and thousands on acoustic treatment, the cheaper versions made of foam really don't help at all. Having said that, SE Electronics now has a new one called Space which is double the price, but HOPEFULLY is double as effective and much better built... but that's just me being hopeful!


Music studio
Victor376 24.08.2015
I purchased the Reflexion Filter to reduce the unwanted reverb effect we were experiencing in our study. The study is not sound treated, so anything I could get from the Reflexion would have been great. I'll tell you what, it made our jaws hit the floor. The vocals coming through our AKG C 414 B-XL II were absolutely incredible. For the most part, perfectly dry. You need to follow the instructions on mic placement within the Reflexion carefully, but it is not all hard to set up. Did require a weighted mic stand...but hey, all well worth the cost! I'd buy another in a heart beat!

Does exactly what you'd assume it would do. Great for vocals. I upgraded my stand, because I read it was rather heavy, and still needed to support the base with two dumbbells. It's going to make your stand top-heavy to one side, so just be prepared for that. Definitely worth purchasing barring that minor inconvenience, though.


Totally worth the money
Anonymous 25.03.2014
I had asked a couple of people about the sE reflexion filter and what they thought. One friend said he thought it was a waste of time but he bought a cheaper version. He also has an already treated room with little reflection in it anyway so maybe he didn't need it.

I took out my trusty Se Titan and mic stand and with a tin whistle i tried it out. One take with it on and one take with it off.

The difference to me recording in my sitting room in a fourth floor apartment in the same room as my computer and a school underneath is nothing short of amazing.

The frequencies are still there there is no deadening of the actual instrument and the bounce back from the walls are gone.

I am very very very impressed with this unit as a way of me getting out and recording on site.

The build quality is excellent and the adapter to clamp to the mic stand is great and it can be adjusted to so many ways it seems to have been really well thought out.

I have head it was heaving and heard some reviews saying it would lean too far to one side. I have a small straight mic stand with a small weight at the bottom and its absolutely fine.

Well done sE on this product.


It solved my very muddy vocals.
Monolougue 25.10.2017
They are top build quality.
And they saved me a lot of money to prepare acoustic panels for my room to be able to be satisfied with the vocals, they are more than enough to record perfect home studio vocals.


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