Schaller Lockmeister 6 Tremolo C


FR Style Locking Tremolo for Electric Guitar

  • Forged and hardened in Germany -- for improved sound and sustain
  • C45 steel base plate
  • Standard FR tremolo dimensions
  • Total string spacing: 54 mm
  • Individual string spacing: 10.8 mm
  • String radius: 12" (305 mm)
  • Block dimensions (H x W): 42 x 50 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W): 91.7 x 76 mm
  • Total drill hole/bolt spacing: 74.3 mm
  • Schaller Article Nr: 13010242.02
  • Surface: Chrome-plated
  • Made in Germany

Delivery contents include:

  • 1 Locking nut (R2) with 2 pairs of different fixing screws
  • 1 String retainer with 2 fixing screws, 2.2 x 16 mm
  • 1 Tremolo claw with 2 fixing screws, 4.2 x 45 mm and 3 tremolo springs
  • 2 Height adjusting screws M7 x 0.5 with 2 t-nuts, outer diameter 10 mm
  • 3 Allen keys: 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 mm
available since April 2011
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Forget about intonation trubble
Anonymous 08.01.2016
Several persons hate this kinds of tremolos because they played with cheap licensed floyd rose tremolos, those tremolos that comes in "cheap guitars" are just crap, why? They are done with easy bend and deformable material, making the intonation change every time you play a string. The schaller is hard as hell, if you like to make dive bombs and get crazy with the tremolo bar install one of this. Definitely a must update for your axe. Never go out of intonation, even if you are a viking playing guitar during the vahalla of your father.


Meister of the locking tremolos
Carapinha94 02.05.2017
I bought this locking tremolo for a strat that I'm making and I gotta say, I'm happy with my choice.

The Schaller Lockmeister is a good and reliable product, probably one of the best floyd rose type models out there. Like all tremolos of this kind, its setup takes some time and patience, but once it's done the tuning stays perfect forever.

I just wished it came with a manual or some sort of guide to help the user to setup the tremolo properly.

If you already have a guitar with a floyd rose, but a cheap and bad one and you are looking for an upgrade, the Lockmeister is the right choice. FYI the holes for the mounting studs must be 10mm and not 9mm like a lot of the floyd rose's out there.

This is not the best floyd rose type of model there is, but for its price it's the best. If you want a better one don't expect to pay less than 300?. It's german manufactured so you know that the quality is top notch!


Schaller Floyd Rose
jd5535 23.05.2014
Great improvement over the Korean model fakes (obviously). It comes with a real big steel sustain block that both sustains really well and has a great tone, It also lives up to the floyd rose reputation of being able to hit it hard, dive bomb and go crazy on it without going out of tune (more than i can say for almost every other trem including kahlers). would definitely use these on all tremolo equipped guitars that I have!


Excellent updated Original Floyd Rose type tremolo
DanG88 26.05.2022
I bought this to replace the Floyd Rose 1000 series on my Charvel. The overall quality of the LockMeister is far superior to the Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo, everything just feels so much higher quality and more solid.

The fine tuners are super smooth to turn and the saddles appear to be machined way better these days compared to the original Floyd Rose.

Included all of the necessary parts of the system in the box and the price is very reasonable.

The only disappointment is that mine arrived with a damaged saddle on the high Estring, where the screw locks the saddle to the base plate, it looks like a bad screw was used and had chewed through the plating of the saddle.
Thomann took care of this immediately for me after contacting them, so all is fine now. Obviously it was a fault that happened at the Schaller factory during production, but hopefully it's a rare occurrence.

Conclusion :
This tremolo is absolutely rock solid, sounds excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one in future if needed. The quality is without a doubt superior over my real deal Original Floyd Rose Tremolo's (German made).