Schaller 3D-4 Bass Bridge CH


Bridge for 4-String Electric Bass

  • 3-Dimensionally adjustable bass bridge made of steel
  • Saddles: Rollers
  • Bore hole spacing: 51 mm
  • Single string spacing: 19 mm
  • Total string spacing: 57 mm
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 57.4 x 79.7 x 15 mm
  • Schaller article nr: 12130200
  • Finish: Chrome
  • 3 mm baseplate and fixing screws
  • Made in Germany
available since June 2002
Item number 152463
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color Chrome
Design Bridge, String Holder, One-Piece
Amount Of Strings 4
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Scardis 10.05.2019
I had Partsland BS-41 bridge in my Edwards Forester.

After changing to this bridge, adjusting intonation became walk in the park. Not sure if its due to the bridge or the fact that I've also applied pencil to the nut, but tuning stability greatly increased. Bass started to sound more aggressive.

I set it to lowest action possible and got a rattling sound. If you have the same problem, put your finger on a saddle and pluck the string to find which saddle is vibrating against the bridge. After that tighten height adjusting screws just a bit, without any noticeably lifting string height, if you balance both screws correctly, rattling should be gone.


Well worth it
Michael W. 151 23.05.2017
I bought the Schaller 3D to help change the balance on an otherwise good but neck-diving Ibanez Talman bass. Schaller Light heads were the other half of the balance change.

The bridge added 170g to the body end as the heads took off the same from the head. The balance is now excellent.

Needless to say, the Schaller 3D is a far better bridge than the stock one. The bottom end is now much more solid - particularly important on a short-scale bass.

And the ability to move the adjust the strings sideways to set the spacing as you want is very useful - in my case a very welcome benefit.

The bridge is properly engineered, very solid and does a great job. Better still, it just drops in - highly recommended.


A Bridge I've used for numerous basses
Iakovos K 19.01.2020
I've used this bridge for a lot of basses I've modified or created through the years and this one seems to be the most versatile.
It has the horizontal adjustment in spacing, practically making any spacing you want, it makes the playing very smooth and sounds really great, it adds to the sound of the pickups like really good bridges do. 10/10


... now the bass is better
Alexander aus U. 16.08.2014
I was looking for a replacement bridge for a cheaper bass.
The neck was ok, the old bridge itself was ok, but the string spacing did not match.

This bridge was designed to be flexible and this is what you get.
You can change e.g. the string spacing much more than with any other bridge I've seen up to now.
An extra metal plate, three millimeters high, allows for using it on basses which need a higher bridge.
It's massive, easy to use, and - in my opinion - it looks good.

At the end of the day, for me the bass is much more worthy now.
So, also the price is right.