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Rode Stereo Bar SB20


Mounting Rail for Stereo Microphone Pair

  • For tripod mounting of two microphones
  • Material: Robust ABS
  • Precise angle and distance markers for positioning the microphones according to ORTF, XY or small AB
  • Two slidable 3/8" threads
  • Spacer can be used above or below
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 170 x 240 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 45 g
  • Colour: Black
Available since April 2014
Item number 339661
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Component type Stereo Bracket
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201 Reviews

Helpfully light, but watch your fingers.
DrCheese 02.02.2021
I got this to be able to arrange SDCs for stereo XY and ORTF. Few stereo bars include the height offsets that this one does. It is made of plastic which initially seems disappointing, but is probably useful for keeping the weight down (useful if the stereo bar is on the end of a boom arm). The choice of plastic in its design means that it is slightly chunkier - this is not an inconspicuous stereo bar which might be a consideration if recording recitals.
It is slightly longer that most stereo bars.
The markings are not terribly useful in adjusting for XY/ORTF. This might depend of the length of the SDCs or LDCs you are using. I would still recommend the use of a cutout for setting up ORTF.
The thread on the screws is rather sharp and removing the offsets requires some effort. I already sliced a finger once doing this. Rode do warn you about this sharpness in the leaflet, but I don't understand why they didn't just round the edges of the threads slightly. I will concede that I have 'city hands' though.


Buy without hesitation if you want to use different stereo mic techniques
jwork123nl 06.03.2019
Sturdy but lightweight plastic bar that I bought to experiment with small condensor mics in various configurations (ORTF, XY, 20cm parallel) for recording my grand piano. Works very well for this, includes very handy markings to make your setup reproducable each time. Also reduces the amount of stands and the general clutter in the area of the piano :-)
Contains an adapter so it works with two sizes of microphone stands (5/8 and 3/8)

I think it is a little expensive for what it is, but there seems no good alternative, so I would buy it again!

ps Note that max spacing for the mics is about 20cm.


Nice quality, a little bit smaller for AB spacing
J VEL 02.11.2017
I took this product mainly to be used for ORTF setup and it is quite easy to position the mics right.
I doubt it will be suitable for AB omni space position due to short lenght (about 20 cm), so in case you need AB in 40 to 60 cm distance, Rode is not for you.

Overall, great quality and recommended by me.


This is the Thomann.
Mr100 13.12.2021
I ordered three new ones, but what I received was two new ones and one used one. They were also retailers and employees who were talented in making rumors true. Is the promise of a company where people who have lost their philosophy of honesty and conscience work really reliable?
Warrenty? I don't think it's a word that suits them.


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