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Rode M3

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Condenser Microphone

  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Ideal for recording strings, choir and acoustic guitars
  • Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz
  • 130 dB SPL
  • 21 dBA Inherent noise
  • Output impedance: 200 Ohm
  • 48V Phantom power or battery power (9 V battery)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Elastic mounted 1/2" capsule
  • Switchable high pass filter
  • Switchable preattenuation (-10 dB/ -20 dB)
  • Length: 225 mm
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Incl. wind shield and clamp
Battery Powered Yes
Directional Microphone No
Stereo Pair No
switchable lowcut Yes
switchable pad Yes
characteristic cardoid
Item number 114494
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A versatile good mic.
Alani 13.05.2017
I have been using this microphone for some years both in home-studio and live situations, recording and amplifying acoustic guitars, greek folk instruments (bouzouki, tzouras, baglamas), even voices.

Whatever you put in front of this mic, you will get a decent sound.

On live situation it does what it should. If phantom-power is not available, you can go with the battery.

I got a second one to start experimenting with XY/ORTF arrays and I got pretty interesting results.

If I have to find a drawback, I would say it is a bit heavy. For this reason, if you are looking for two low-price microphones especially suited for stereo-recording, go for Rode M5: beside the fact that they are sold in matched-pair, (this could be not-so-crucial for you) they are a way lighter than M3 and you could avoid some hassles with the mic-stand and the need for counterweights.

In summary, M3 is a sturdy, well-built, good mic.
At this price point, the M3 is a great product.


Affordable quality SDC microphone by Rode
Stephen137 25.09.2013
This is the second M3 I've purchased - so that in itself gives a hint as to how satisfied I've been with this mic.

As with other Rode products the M3 is VERY solidly built and feels like a substantial piece of kit. It comes nicely packaged with a leatherette pouch and a very good quality mic clip, a well as a basic foam windshield. The M3 also comes with Rode's impressive warranty.

At this price point, the M3 has some impressive and very useful features - pad switch, a bass roll-off filter, and the option to power it by battery - very handy if no phantom power is available. This could make it a good option for field recording or news-gathering/interviewing applications.

In use I've found this to be an extremely versatile mic - my first test involved an interview-style recording of a presentation my girlfriend was preparing for her job. She was quite taken aback on hearing her voice played back - it was very cleanly recorded, very intelligble and with nice full lows and good midrange clarity. This was done through Motu preamps - so not exactly boutique quality pre's but nonetheless the M3 delivered excellent sound.

I've used it on a variety of sources since - it handled percussion very adequately (bongo drums) and I've used it for single mic'ing of a glockenspiel with respectable results. I've also used a stereo pair during studio rehearsals to capture a trio of backing vocalists, with excellent results.

I can't really fault this product - at the asking price it represents excellent value for money and personally I would favour these over a well-known industry standard dynamic mic for sheer flexiblility. The only slight negative I can think of is that these are fairly large microphones so may not suit every situation. for me this is not a problem, but I can imagine situations where a less bulky mic might be more appropriate.

I would highly recommend this microphone to anyone looking for a flexible workhorse SDC on a tight budget, and I can see myself investing in a few more of them in future.


Perfect all-rounder.
Trundle. 05.01.2021
Very versatile and can be used for just about anything. Surprisingly good sound for the price, sturdy construction - and the battery option is really handy. I first used this as an ambient room mic (set up as per a shotgun), as far from the kit as I could get it and it worked so well I almost felt like I didn't need anything else other than the vocal mics. Although my efforts are directed at recreating a vintage mid-century vibe, I think this peice of kit would come in very handy, no matter what.


Vocals, acoustic, amps
Dapapa 16.01.2019
This is my all-round mic. It does it all from Vocals, Acoustic guitar and even guitar amps micing!

Love the attenuator feature; -10dB and -20dB
The -20 is only to be used for very loud sources!
For home recording I use the -10dB as it helps to reduce the guitar amplifier noise.
For vocals and acoustic 0dB is working fine.

Built like a tank! Very heavy! I like it! Sounds warmer and rounder than my SM57 clone. Also much louder than my 57 clone.
So far very happy with this mic! Time will tell how long it lasts but with the 10 year Rode Warranty one can't loose anything! Great deal!


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