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Rockboard MOD 1 V2 TRS & XLR Patchbay


All-in-one patch-bay for pedalboards

  • Suitable for MOD Slots in RockBoard pedalboards
  • Compatible with a wide range of other pedalboards
  • Acts as a central access point to the effects setup
  • Establishes clear cable routes to and from the pedal board
  • Removable front panel for mounting on or under pedal boards
  • 5x 6.3 mm TRS thru
  • 1x XLR Thru (male front / female rear)
  • 1x DC 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel thru
  • 1x AC IEC thru (male front / female back)
  • All connections mirrored on the rear side
  • Dimensions with front panel (W x D x H): 175 x 85 x 47 mm
  • Dimensions without front panel (W x D x H): 160 x 85 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Includes mounting screws, lock nuts and TX wrench

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Available since August 2019
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Practical patchbay module

The RockBoard MOD 1 V2 is a practical patchbay module for guitarists and bassists that consolidates all the necessary connections of a pedalboard in one central access point, thus shortening cable paths and providing users with a better overview of their entire effects setup. The MOD 1 V2 is equipped with five jack sockets and thus offers various wiring options for all effects on the board as well as an XLR connection to enable the seamless integration of a DI box. The module also comes with a DC and an AC IEC mains connection for delivering power to the multi-power supply under the board.

RockBoard MOD 1 V2 TRS & XLR patchbay

Ideal for four-cable setups

The TRS connections (A-E) on the RockBoard MOD 1 V2 are wired as through connections from the front to the rear of the module and are designed to transmit both audio and control signals – for example from a footswitch – in any direction to provide a variety of configuration options. Sockets A-D allow users to create an effects setup using the four-cable method, enabling a guitar amplifier's effects loop to be utilised and the preamp, modulation, delay, and reverb effects to be positioned at the appropriate point in the signal chain. The final jack connection can be used to connect a footswitch to the board for parallel use.

RockBoard MOD 1 V2 connections

Equipped for every situation

The RockBoard MOD 1 V2 is the perfect enhancement for any pedalboard. As a flexible patchbay for TRS, XLR, DC, and AC IEC connections, it enables all connections to be organised in one convenient module and provides clear and neat cable routes to the exterior of the pedalboard. Although the MOD 1 V2 is primarily intended for musicians with electric guitars who use the four-cable method to connect up their effects setup, the inclusion of the XLR connection also makes it an interesting proposition for acoustic guitarists and bassists who install a DI box on their pedalboard. Both DC and AC IEC mains connections add the perfect finishing touches to the patchbay concept.

RockBoard MOD 1 V2 Patchbay for pedalboards

About RockBoard

RockBoard is a brand belonging to Warwick Music Distribution GmbH, which is based in Markneukirchen in Germany's Vogtland region. RockBoard's range focuses on pedalboards, which are available in numerous different designs to suit any application and budget, and are complemented by an extensive range of pedalboard accessories, from slick patchbays for expanding the boards and high-quality patch cables for loss-free connection through to high-performance power adapters and the "QuickMount system" for rapid effect changes. In short, RockBoard offers virtually everything that players need to easily set up their own individual pedalboard.

For mounting in MOD slots

Users of RockBoard pedalboards from the TRES, QUAD, and CINQUE series will ideally mount the MOD 1 V2 in the dedicated MOD slot, which is built into the front of the board and ensures a secure means of attachment. Alternatively, the front panel can be removed, allowing the module to be mounted on or underneath pedalboards using self-adhesive hook and loop tape. A robust MOD rack is also available from the manufacturer as an optional extra, which allows the module to be used with pedalboards from alternative providers and can be adjusted to accommodate different mounting positions and orientations according to the design of the pedalboard.

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76 Reviews

Super solution
KNG81 29.03.2022
Easy to install, makes for a tidy pedalboard and easy to connect various things. I use it to easily choose between one amp or two in a wet/dry setup, and to connect a volume pedal on the side of the board. Only downside is that the connections are very close together. Make sure your patchcables have slim plugs!


Great product but quite stiff inputs
Wiltrea 28.11.2021
I think overall the product is great and a fantastic idea. However personally I would have loved an on\off switch, mostly because the power plug is tough to pull out and makes me feel like I may break the patchbay trying to schimmy the plug out. One of the other 1/4" jack inputs was really hard to push the jack through also, 1 of the 5.

Overall I think this is a good product and would recommend


Keeps everything neat and tidy
LJ Dellar 06.07.2023
This is a great item to keep your pedalboard tidy and neat. Power is handled both by a DC input/output pair and by IEC input and output sockets, which is great flexibility.

I do have one criticism though. The jack sockets are too close together to use anything except the narrowest of jack patch leads. I had to buy four more.

I am sure it works best in a Rockboard pedalboard into which it is designed to fit. However, even on my Pedaltrain board, it works well attached with pedal tape and with the front panel adaptor removed.


jeka 06.03.2022
a good thing. very convenient for switching. but you can do without it) so think about whether you need it)