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Rockboard Flat Patch Cable Black 10 cm


Patch Cable

  • Length: 10 cm
  • Flat patch cable with a rectangular cross section
  • Space-saving and extra-slim angled jack plugs
  • Copper conductor: 20 x 0.12 mm
  • Twisted copper shield: 34 x 0.12 mm
  • Capacity less than 10 pF / decimetre
  • Conductor resistance of less than 10 mOhm / decimetre
  • Working temperature: -15 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Polyethylene signal isolation
  • PVC outer sheath
  • Diameter of cable: 7 x 3 mm
  • Colour: Black
Available since June 2016
Item number 387427
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Length 0,10 m
Connector 1 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector 2 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector from 6,3mm TS Jack
Plug out Jack 6,3mm TS male
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263 Reviews

Flexible enough and rugged
Mombasaflash 13.06.2018
I ordered EBS Flat Patch Cables (both standard and Gold) and Rockboard patch cables, in order to conduct side by side tests. All three types did their job quietly and without fuss.

The EBS Gold have the slimmest, tiniest plugs and the most flexible cable, but I was concerned about the longevity of those very small cables under stage conditions. The standard EBS patch cables were also excellent, with slightly bigger but still extremely slim angle jacks and a beefier cable.

The Rockboard patch cables have a less flexible cable, but still very slim moulded angle jacks. They do have a bit of an 'overhang' at the end of the jack which could conceivably be annoying in some circumstances but overall it is their general ruggedness that made me choose them.

It would have to be a deliberate effort to damage these cables. With normal use I doubt that they would EVER wear out.

UPDATE: I have discovered that these Rockboard Flat Patch cables can sometime be sensitive to earth noise. It seems that the price paid for the super slim profile is less effective shielding.


Very good quality
portuguesepie 13.03.2019
If you have many pedals on your board, these are a great option. It's the second time I order a few of these, and now my pedalboard is almost exclusively connected by them, with only a couple others of custom length. I was impressed with how much cleaner my guitar signal was after I replaced a couple of my old patch cables with these, so I decided to order more.

These cables are very low profile - they will tidy up your pedalboard and free THAT space for another pedal. Also, I'm very happy with the quality of their performance so far, as having many pedals on the board can give rise to all sorts of problems and these cables have made my life easier in that regard.

As I already mentioned in the review of the 5cm version, the only thing keeping from having only Rockboard cables is that sometimes the sizes available are not perfect for a specific spot, because I would definitely buy sizes in between (like 3 or 7cm). However, I understand this may not be practical and that the sizes available are already diverse (5cm, 10cm, 15cm...). Overall great purchase.


Possibly best value for money in tight spacing
Joe Simon 24.02.2023
I've used a bunch on these for several pedalboard builds and they work fine. The jack's profile is one of the best in the market, specially useful when you need to pack your effects really close together. Quality is fine but isn't over the top (they seem to get "bent in shape" and don't like reshaping after a while). All in all, I still buy them for my builds, they're the best value for money.

There are two downsides in my opinion. First, in stereo effects, the jack's profile is such that you need to have both jacks geometrically parallel (otherwise their heads will bump into each other). This is the case for example with Boss pedals and many others. Not a big deal but it can force you to rearrange some things a bit for the cables to flow. The second downside I see is that after they've been used for a while on a pedalboard, they take the shape they were bent in, and several fail when accommodated to new shapes (meaning the sound drops, etc). So this could indicate that they're not structurally too sound (no pun intended). They are cheap enough that if you need to replace one it won't be the end of the world, but it reduces your confidence in the product.


Very handy, compact but not very sturdy
Kass Fir 20.01.2018
I use them to connect pedals, but I don't own a pedalboard. They have survived dozens of concerts and hundreds of hours of practice ever since I bought them 6 months ago, but I have not toured extensively.

They are very compact because of the shape of the head and the cable. Additionally, they are rather cheap. They, however, cannot be easily soldered back if broken, and the design is such that they can be easy to break because, unless your pedal is shaped right, you have to tuck the cable, not the L-connector part. I have had no issues with hum from the cables or signal loss. Over the course of 6 months, out of the 7 that my friends and I had used, one has broken and one arrived broken.

All in all, they are very good for the price, and are especially convenient if you have a pedalboard, but don't or can't use, e.g. the Roackboard Z or N connectors.


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