Rockbag Fingerboard Saver 3 jumbo

Fingerboard Saver for Jumbo Frets

  • Protects the fretboard during crowning, filing or polishing of the frets
  • Fits most commercially available jumbo fret wires
  • Fits between all frets on guitars, banjos and electronic basses
  • Fits between most mandolin and ukulele frets
  • Slot widths: 3.15 mm (0.124")
  • Slot length: 70 mm (2.76") - also fits most 5-string basses
  • Notches for fixing with included rubber bands on the neck
  • Made from flexible 0.2 mm (0.008") stainless steel
  • Adapts to the fingerboard radius
  • Dimensions (L x W): 80 mm (3.15") x 16 mm (0.63")
  • Set of 2 pieces including rubber bands

Further Information

Size Jumbo
Amount 2
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Essential for fretwork!
Bob @ Piedmont Guitars, 09.05.2019
If you've ever ruined a fretboard, because you didn't want to go through he hassle of taping everything off, this is for you. I bought this for a friend, because he taped off his fretboard with the wrong kind of masking tape. He used the old style tan colored masking tape, on a maple vintage Fender fretboard, to polish out a few dings he got on the frets. By the time I got over to his place, the tape had been sitting on the fretboard for at least 30 minutes. When he went to remove the tape, all of the old nitro came off with it. Not cool at all. Now I'm refinishing the whole darn neck for him and a new set of frets. Next time he needs to steel wool his frets and polish them up a bit, he can slap one of these down and get right to work without worrying about whether the new nitro will come off (it won't, but still....) or whether or not he will get fret dust ground into the maple.
For Pros: I guess the best I can say is that it saves you so much time. Taping off is a pain. Also the cost of these are so affordable, I bought myself another one for myself.
Cons: really? I can't think of any. Can you?
It's a great time and money saving tool that is essential for any kind of fret work.
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100% Bang on for the Bucks. But still can be improved 100%
Davo Rock, 15.12.2017
For over 20 years I have cut slots from stiff card or plastic which I secure to the fret board with sellotape. So these inexpensive machined Fingerboard Savers from Rockbag are a No Brainer 100% bang on for the few bucks that they cost, just for the mental savers alone!
However I find that the Elastic-bands are stretching it. The metal moves to easy, and been elastic the bands spring back and even off. Tape is far more secure, but even better is my suggestion to Rockbag. This needs a bit of out of the box thinking.
The savers need to connect to the FILE & not to the Fingerboard.
The slots in the savers align perfect to the Thomann Fret File that I bought along with them. The savers would need to be made longer to allow for forward and back filing strokes. Securing a Saver to the file is made even more simple with this addition to length. Various designed immediately spring to mind to secure the saver to the file. My first one being two side panel are machined on to and running parallel along each side of the slot of the saver. These would hug the file on each side so the hight of these sides would only need to be to half with of the file but could be the full with of standard files. Then over the top of the file, the none filling side! the saver is easily secured in various ways. Even elastic bands can be used now by slot cut out from the tops of the side panels, or metal clasps could be machined two. The change in cost of production is minimal, but the result is a Real Guitar Luthiers tool. Now you just pick up and file with The all NEW ROCKBAG DAVO ROCK CO DESIGNED FILE ALIGNED SAVERS. Oh and of course the new range of RockBag Davo Rock Saver Files! Machined to the highest speck. Luthier Files made specially for the Job!
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