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RME 12Mic
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The next generation of HA
East power 10.12.2020
Recall returned due to initial lot defect. The store arranged DHL for free, but I had to pay import tax twice to Japanese customs because I didn't have an export permit.

Despite this disappointment, my enthusiasm for future work has risen with the new RME approach of AVB and MADI.

MADI is an LC connector. I'm using a reasonably priced optical receiver module that I found in a user forum.

At first I thought the audio interface function could be done with a USB port.
But I can't. Also, the Mac won't recognize the USB-c unless you use Sonnet's only AVB compatible adapter. However, even if it is recognized, audio input and output is not possible.

You have to buy a separate MADI face XT or something similar.
I'm using a MADI card in MOTU M64 or YAMAHA O1V96i.

Best of all, it has a DC input with a locking connector. I've been recording live classical music for over 20 years, so having AC and backup DC is a real relief. I have a mobile battery connected to it.

In addition to MADI, it's also great to have AVB to back up the line. However, it's hard to find a connection box like Presonus' NSB. I wish more companies would join the AVB market and make it a compatible standard.

I would like to see a peripheral device with more expandability, such as a box like the Presonus NSB to send analog signals to the video team from the 12mic AVB connector that is sent via MADI.

The light weight is also great. The sound quality is great, I've been using RME products for a long time so I don't have to worry about that.

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RME 12Mic