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Ritual Electronics Anima

Ritual Electronics Anima; Eurorack module; digital dual-channel segment generator; two independent channels with identical features; operates as AD- or ASR-envelope or LFO/Oscillator; manual controls for Attack (0.5ms to 40s), Decay (0.5ms to 40s) and Curve (logarithmic over linear to exponential); in loop mode (LFO/Oscillator) the Attack and Decay controls define the output waveform without changing the frequency; output switchable from unipolar (0V to +8V) to bipolar (-5V to +5V); CV inputs for Attack, Decay and Curve with attenuverters; per channel: Gate input, 1V/oct. input, EOC output and signal output; power consumption: 95mA (+12V) / 32mA (-12V); width: 18 HP; depth: 25mm

Width 18 TE / HP
available since May 2021
Item number 518302
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