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Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave

Effect Pedal for Electric Bass

  • Fuzz pedal with octaver
  • Input: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Output: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • 4 Controls for octaver mix, fuzz mix, sputter and fuzz
  • "Lightning" toggle switch for doubling the distortion
  • "Ear" toggle switch for raising the treble
  • 2 Footswitches for fuzz and octaver mode
  • 2 Bright LEDs to indicate the activated mode
  • True Bypass
  • Operation with 9 V battery or optional power supply: Art.108096 (not included)
  • Power consumption: 45mA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 126 mm x 92 mm x 48 mm
  • Weight: 435 g
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Sound samples

  • Metal
  • Rock

Further information

Effect Types Fuzz
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7 written ratings Read all reviews

Very disapointed given how good it sounded in the demo videos

Naetharu, 21.11.2015
I ordered this pedal after watching the demo videos that the company put out last month. However, when it arrived I was very disappointed with the sound.

First, the sub-octave is ok. It did seem to have a little bit of trouble tracking when notes were sustained, leading to a slightly de-tuned sound but all in all it was not bad. It sounded pretty good at volume in the mix with my band so by and large that part of the pedal gets a thumbs up from me.

The big disappointment was the fuzz. Tonally it was more fizz than fuzz ? even with the Treble Boost off it seemed to have a really crackly high end and little definition. With the gain-boost switch tuned off there seemed to be very little drive. Unless it was fully turned up it just made a bit of a nasty crackle in the background.

Once the gain boost was engaged it did offer some heavy fuzz, albeit with the aforementioned fizz top end. However, the sputter control did not seem to do what it was designed for. Now I am not sure if the unit I got was defective, or if the control simply is not as good as the videos would suggest. Moving the sputter resulted in no fuzz at all coming through, just clean signal in all but a few positions. There was no real gating effect I could hear, which was a real shame, as I was after that staccato sound for a bass solo we have in one of our songs.

For reference I tried the pedal in two different signal chains. The first was my home practice set up which is an Ashdown MiBass 2.0 into a GK410 cab with the tweeter turned off. The second was during my band practice last Wednesday at the local studio, using an SVT-CL head into an SVT-810 cab. In both cases the issues with the sound/fuzz were the same.

I?ve since done a little research online and found anecdotal evidence to the effect that the sputter controls on other red witch pedals are prone to breaking/failing to work. I have no way of knowing how reliable these reports are, however from what the various authors said their experience seems to tally with my own.

Alas, in the end I simply decided to send the pedal back. It is a shame since on paper it was exactly what I wanted. However, for the price (I paid £170.00) I need a pedal that not only sounds great but that is also bullet proof. I?m a gigging bass player and I cannot afford to use a unit that I don?t fully trust to work when I need it.

On a final note it is worth commenting that Thomann have been fantastic as per usual and the return was without hitch. A great service and exactly the reason that I will continue to buy from them with confidence.
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Wat'n Fuzz!

märkaar, 25.01.2016
Dio mio! This fuzz is not for the faint of heart, both from the sound and the usability.

Fuzz boxes generally need a handling time and finger tip sensitivity; So at least my experience in the search for the sweet spot of the respective trampel box.
And Zeus also demands that one experiment with him for a while, even though the operating elements are limited.

I bought the part mainly because of the sputter regulator, which acts like a kind of excessive gate and cuts the sound staccato-moderately. This sounds funky in the right setting and makes any conventional bass synth pedal look old (maybe because analog?).

The only problem is that fuzz, sputter and also the gain switch (left side), or filter switch (right side), are mutually influencing each other. Since you have just found a suitable, fat setting, the sputtering wants a little s.-knarzen and suddenly no sound comes out.
Thus, a constant control path is by no means to be assumed per se.

In fact, it took me some time to find a reasonable attitude. If you get the controls slowly into the handle, the Zeus proves to be quite flexible and versatile. The fuzz mix control, which mixes the original signal from 0-100%, is also a factor.

And then there is also the infinitely miscible analog octaver. This, like the Fuzz section, is also of a harsh character and has a really useful tracking to the deep A; Depending on playing style, pickup etc.
Digital parts can of course be more stable and down, but this is another league. If the octaver is turned up to 100%, you can only hear the transposed signal. This sounds, I'd say, pretty much Lo-Fi after old computer game or similar.

The processing is good, for this price I expect the synonymous. The English manual is amusing and of useful information. I like such details as the jeans bag, but above all, the four rubber feet are flat and in a plane (no wobbling) and that the screws on the bottom of the device all run full and even in the same direction (Unimportant, but nice to look at ...).

The foot switches have a specific pressure point, but they also have an audible mechanical cracking sound.
The mini-switches are quite well hidden, but I'm afraid of them; As other manufacturers have more creative and long-lasting solutions available.
Oh yes, any point-to-point spells can not be expected despite the price.
The chrome looks very chic, but you can see every fat finger on it and the legibility of the print is rather poor. No matter, the four controls you have anyway fast in the head.

A little tip at the end: the Zeus, like almost every equipment, should be tested in the context of the band.
At the first Rumschrauben at home I was honestly a bit skeptical, whether we both warm with each other (was nevertheless very oppressive, which there to my ear urged).
It was only when I had the part in the band test that evening that I was convinced I had made a good purchase. The Zeus goes through wonderfully, as the colleagues guitarists are quite pale. And then, when the octaver is added, you can ride on the thrust. There should of course also Amp and Speaker play ....

Conclusion: the Zeus of Redwitch is not my first fuzz and will not be my last. The combination with octaver and the always tough character, however, let him out of the mass.
The operation also requires some time for the experienced; But if you have the rules under control, the sputter control is a one-time thing, which I have not yet seen / heard. I know of no other fuzz that can sound so funky and at the same time so rough.

Small supplement after a few months of practice: the Zeus also convinces in the low-gain range. Thanks to mix controls and gain switch, I can mix just a small track of dirt in the sound. After I have tasted the brachial side of this fuzze to the full satisfaction, the subtle use also makes fun ....

A drawback, however, I would also like to mention: when first switched on, and only then, it is sometimes neat from the speakers. I know that from other (analog) pedals, and therefore I have the Zeus now hung in a loop.
I attribute this phenomenon to the special magic and the life of this tread. If you know it, you can handle it; Otherwise nervt something so natural.
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