Red Panda Particle 2


Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Delay / pitch shifting
  • Digital way of working
  • Uses granular synthesis for special delay effects and radical pitch shifts, from modulated delay to pitch shifting, shimmer delay, time stretching, up to stutter and glitch sounds
  • Delay time 0 - 2,500 milliseconds
  • 3 Pitch modes: Detune / Density / LFO
  • 5 Delay Modes: Random / Density / LFO / Random Pitch / Reverse
  • All 8 modes can be combined
  • 100% Wet / dry mix
  • 4 Onboard presets
  • 127 MIDI presets
  • MIDI compatible via USB
  • Freeze function
  • Tap Tempo function with measure divisions for each parameter: Chop / Density / LFO Rate / Delay Time
  • Expression Control assignable to all parameters simultaneously
  • True bypass
  • Blend, Chop / Freeze, Delay / Pitch, Param and Fdbk sliders
  • 8-Way rotary control for delay and detune modes: Dens / LFO / REV / Pitch / RND / DTune / LFO, DENS
  • Preset / Save control button
  • ON / DIV footswitch
  • Tap / Freeze footswitch
  • Status LEDs
  • Metal housing
  • 6.3 mm stereo jack input / output
  • 6.3 mm TRS EXP input
  • Mini USB port
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm coaxial connection, polarity (-) inside, not included)
  • Power consumption: 250 mA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 78 x 121 x 64 mm
  • Made in USA

Note: Battery operation is not supported.

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Available since March 2019
Item number 461735
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Effect Types Pitchshifter
Delay Time 0-2500 ms

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25 Reviews

..daring, powerful, yet easily usable and friendly!
rbbrck 28.03.2019
Particle by Red Panda is not your average delay: it works in [granular] ways that lend themselves ideally to experiment and research, in the exploration of sonically unknown scapes.
Particle 2, in particular (pun intended), adds on all sides to the already iconic and successful previous version (1), and it does at it with increased processing power, higher resolution, stereo (dual mono) signal path, onboard presets, smaller footprint, and more.
Granular delay is not necessarily a novelty item, but Particle is the original form that made it handy, perfectly suitable to real-time operation in a performing context, let alone the stompbox format.
All controls on it are extremely responsive, highly interactive, and inherently dedicated to the specific mode by which the unit is operating... actually, it's a pity to have it on the ground (and you might soon want to keep it on your desk, table, console or whatever).
A word of advice can be shared, here: if you're looking for the slap-back, be-bop-a-lula-like effect that faithfully recreates the setting of early r'n'r and r'n'b recordings, you might find yourself quite off track here, is kind of a fair warning, I believe.
If, on the other hand, you're looking for new ways to treat your sound sources, whatever they are, and take you to un-named destinations in sonic territories you didn't know to exist, then you've found a new home here, or your own new one.
Be it guitar, bass, synths, mixed material, voice, radio, field recordings... it's the very principle of granular delay leading you beyond walls and doors, and mountains, too.
But Particle 2, specifically, lets you do this magic without a computer, without specific software, and in a live, lively, and interactive way that, to date, can hardly be attained on a computer platform (unless custom-programmed onto specific control hardware, of course).
Now with presets on board, and a stereo signal path, there's so much more than what already made the original Particle a unique piece of classic gear, right on the day after it became available.
Be prepared, though: you'll wish for the proverbial desert island onto which to plan your retreat with Particle 2 and whatever sound source you feel comfortable with.
Beware of its highly addictive potential, too: you may even forget eating and drinking while playing at it, and for long times, too, so set friends and neighbours on a watch, let them know you're having at it, in order to make sure they'll check on you before you loose yourself dry by playing this!
Now, help me out, please: how did I make it to here before I had it?


Roman23 18.01.2020
As the original Particle, it is an awesome granular chopping and pitch-shifting device which allows you to create cool glitchy textures from almost every kind of audio, especially from vocals. For me this device is for electronic and experimental artists in the first place rather than for guitar players, but works wonderfully with guitars too (applicable to more experimental post-rock/metal styles obviously).
The new Particle is an improvement over the original on every level. Stereo, so now you can process any audio source or device without need of downmixing to mono or sacrificing a channel. Internal processing rate was increased (roughly at least in 2 times) and the delay is more than twice times longer.
The ability to control every parameter via USB MIDI is really awesome (but will require you to find appropriate adaptor or host) and guitarists will appreciate tap tempo button to sync textures with playing.
Cannot find a single flaw (personally I would prefer regular MIDI over analog 1/8'' DIN, but for many people USB works better). Effects tend to sound a bit static over the time, so you might need an expression pedal or midi control to animate it.
(Does it make the original obsolete? No! The lower rate produces more warmer and darker sound, very distinctive and if you are ok with one channel and less features, it still works great.)


Great effect
devy 11.05.2021
Fantastic and versatile effect for guitar and more.

I looked for something of that sound for some time. It is great for experimental music. RedPanda is somewhere between standard and freaky pedal maker.

If you are reading this you must know exactly how it works, so just buy it. V2 has some fixed bugs.

One flaw is freeze mode: you can't keep the freezed sound and play over it with the effect so for that you would need another freezer, but you are NOT buying "Particle" for freeze mode, do you? :)


It only took 15 years
jsegel 29.03.2021
or 20, maybe. I used to do a lot of computer music with SuperCollider and Max/MSP, playing guitar or violin into the computer to produce granular effects etc. What's funny is that this pedal very nearly simulates a bunch of this! It's excellent. It has all the greats, reverse, pitch shit, glitch, and more, and the control knobs allow for some really interesting combos. I've been using it for lead guitar and violin in rock band lately, very trippy.


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