Presonus Faderport 8


8-Channel DAW Production Controller

  • 8 Touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized dual-servo drive belt (dual servo drive belt)
  • High fader resolution: 10 bit / 1,024 steps
  • 57 Background- and status-lit buttons
  • 78 Controllable functions
  • 8 High-resolution LC displays as digital labeling fields
  • Timecode and level display
  • Small encoder as panpot and for other selected parameters
  • Large data wheel with push button for scrolling, zooming, navigating, and much more.
  • 2 Arrow buttons for step-by-step navigation and setting
  • Transport control, track control, automation control and session navigator
  • Fader modes, mixer view, undo / redo, click track on / off, tap tempo, markers, plugin parameters, and more.
  • 4 Programmable user buttons
  • 8 Function button
  • Native Studio One support, HUI and Mackie control selectable
  • Compatible with ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton, Nuendo, Bitwig, Reaper, Digital Performer and others
  • Jack for optional foot switch (start / stop commands)
  • No driver installation required
  • Power supply via external power supply (12 V DC / 2 A)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 330 x 305 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Including full version of Studio One 3 Artist (DAW)

System requirements:

  • From OS X 10.8.5
  • Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel Core i3 or faster recommended)
  • Windows 7 x64 / x86 SP1 platform update
  • Windows 8.1 x64 / x86
  • Windows 10 x64 / x86
available since December 2016
Item number 400412
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bluetooth No
5-pole DIN MIDI No
Ethernet No
Fader 8
Rotary Encoders 2
Audio I/O No
Transport Function Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Foot Controller Connection No
Bus-Powered No
Jog Yes
Joystick No
Additional Features LCD Display per Channel
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Works with ProTools
Dj La muerte 05.05.2020
Pros: Easy to use. Only a few features are not functioning with Pro Tools, and they are clearly announced in the manual (which is not always the case) and not essential.
I can access and handle every plug in, bus send, etc. You can handle it very quickly.
Good materials.

My negative points: the ergonomic of the desk. It is very small. Before this one, I tried the Qcon from Icon, which has fader in scale of a real desk, which is a plus, when you are used to work on SSL analogue desks. There were some features I would have loved to find again on the Presonus: Readable windows, a larger desk in general, and therefore larger channels, with larger solo and mute buttons. I wish it had also level leds for each channel besides the faders. I realised quickly that was missing these...

Nevertheless, of all DAW controllers available at Thomann, this is the only one working properly with Pro Tools. 15’ of use and you fully control it.
Material is of good quality. A tiny little controller who what it says on the tin.


If you love presonus…
VoKaB 24.03.2022
I got tired of reaching for my mouse to do control basic functions in my daw. So, I was in the market to find a good daw controller. There are a few out there but they can be expensive. I got this because I use presonus studio one as my main daw. This thing was made this S1 in mind. All of the controls work flawlessly. The price was great. The build quality is solid. It keeps me off the computer and more engaged in my work flow and not the screen.


Faderport 8 (with BitWig 3.1)
oncdov 24.12.2019
A must have for my home studio environment. To my surprise the new Bitwig 3.1 has integrated support for the PreSonus hardware. No more MCU emulation required.


Buy if you use studio one DAW
StergiosCozy 16.01.2019
Since I unpacked this I loved the way it looks. Very well thought placement of the buttons. The faders feel really sturdy and professional and the slightest move you make you can see it in the fader in your DAW and hear it in your speakers. I used it only for a while in studio one and with out going any deep I understood that the integration is great. But my main DAW is Cubase and faderport's integration with that isn't the best. I still didn't have the time to go deep but I didn't have to. The play button works but you hit it again, to pause the playback, it doesn't. You have to hit stop. Above that, the channel, zoom ,scroll etc buttons work but click doesn't turn the metronome on and off. Also when you have shift on, to use the secondary functions which are F1,F2 etc, none of these keys work. Above that, in the automation section, it seems to work fine both in the main functions and secondary when shift button is on. The keys above the 2 shift buttons are working properly but I still haven't tried the secondary functions.
Having said all that, fadersport is extremely fun to use and feels great to have all those faders and functions in your fingers without touching the mouse. If your main DAW is studio one everything is working and you can take advantage of all the features that faderport is offering. I don't use pro tools or any other DAW so I cant tell you good they integrate with those DAWs but in Cubase the integration is just okay. It is helpful and faster especially in mixing but it is annoying that you have to reach to your keyboard or mouse even to open your mixer. I'm not unhappy that I bought this but if presonus opens all functions for cubase like they work in studio one this will be an incredible feature in my home studio rather just a good one that it is now.


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