Presonus Eris E7 XT


Active Studio Monitor

  • Equipped with a 6.5" woofer and a 1.25" silk-dome tweeter
  • Frequency response: 42 - 22,000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz
  • Gain control
  • MF Control - Bell EQ, 1 kHz, +/- 6 dB
  • HF Control: Shelving filter, 10 kHz, +/- 6 dB
  • Low cut switchable at 80 or 100 Hz
  • Acoustic space switch: -2 dB, -4 dB
  • LF Amplifier power: 70 W
  • HF Amplifier power: 60 W
  • Max. SPL (sound pressure level): 104 dB (continuous operation)
  • Input: XLR and jack (balanced), and RCA (unbalanced)
  • 100° (H) x 60° (V) EBM Waveguide
  • Turn-on delay
  • Output current limiting
  • Overheating-, transient-, and subsonic protection circuits
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 240 x 242 x 365 mm
  • Weight: 8.4 kg
available since May 2020
Item number 485151
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Speaker size 1x 6,5", 1x 1"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 130 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Frequency range min. 42 Hz
Frequency range max. 22000 Hz
Dimensions 240 x 242 x 365
Weight 8,4 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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Accurate and affordable studio monitoring

The Presonus Eris E7 XT is an active bi-amplified studio-grade monitor that is sold individually. It is fitted with a 6.5” woofer and 1.25” tweeter. Like all the members of the Eris range, the E7 XT is unusually well-balanced and natural-sounding for a speaker in its price range. It provides precise stereo imaging with high gain reserves, and its extensive and well-thought-out filter section is designed to seamlessly adapt the basic sound of the E7 XT to the acoustics of any environment. Anyone looking for a reliable and affordable near-field monitoring solution for their home studio should definitely consider the Presonus Eris E7 XT.

The right components for a well-balanced sound

The Presonus Eris E7 XT is fitted with a carefully designed and solidly built bass reflex cabinet made of vinyl-laminated MDF. As with all the Eris models, the woofers are made of Kevlar, producing a clean and precise bass response and even diffusion through all the lower frequencies. Similarly, the silk dome tweeter and waveguide reproduce all the high frequencies in a very natural way and provide a wide sweet spot in the listening position. Two separate class AB amplifiers respectively provide 60 and 70 Watts of power to the tweeter and woofer.

Ideal for the home studio

The Presonus Eris E7 XT is a reliable, no-frills, and affordable monitor, perfect for the home studio. We all know the complexities involved in improving the acoustics of a room, especially when the latter is not initially designed with music or postproduction in mind. The Eris E7 XT's crossover section is a great help in this respect. Its switchable low-cut filter suppresses unwanted resonant low frequencies (for example when the speaker is placed close to a wall) and two continuous filters adjust the midrange and treble by plus or minus 6 dB. In addition, the automatic "Acoustic Space" function cleans up the often critical low-midrange and ensures that the sound is reproduced as faithfully as possible.

About Presonus

Presonus is a US company founded in 1995 by Jim Odom and Brian Smith in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. The firm designs hardware and software at both professional and more affordable levels for musicians and producers. Presonus first made a splash in the mid-1990s with the DCP8, an eight-channel analogue compressor/limiter/gate with fader and mute automation that could be digitally controlled by MIDI. In the early 2000s followed a series of microphone amplifiers and the first audio interfaces for the then-emerging home studio scene. Today, the company's product range includes audio interfaces, microphone preamps, digital mixing consoles, and studio monitors as well as the established DAW software Studio One.

Extensive connectivity

As a rule, a pair of E7 XTs are connected to the stereo analogue output of an audio interface or monitor controller. Each speaker is fitted with both a 6.3 mm jack and an XLR input, thus eliminating the need for an adapter. The inputs are balanced and provide 4 dBu of gain as a reference level, as is to be expected from studio equipment. Additionally, the Eris E7 XT is also fitted with an unbalanced -10 dBV RCA input, which allows hi-fi equipment to be connected.

Good monitors to get started
Evgenii K. 09.09.2021
- Good build and materials
- 3 connectors for connection
- Decent sound for that kind of money. the top is clean, the bass is not mumbling. In my opinion, the middle and upper mids are not enough, but for such a task it is better to use an additional pair of monitors.
For home use, it is quite a good option.


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johannes82 31.07.2020
Leider brummten diese Monitore bei mir auch ohne angeschlossenes Signal fröhlich vor sich hin, an jeder beliebigen Steckdose, mit allen anderen Sicherungen ausgeschaltet, völlig egal. Kombiniert mit der wandnahen Aufstellung ergab dies eine extrem nervtötende Geräuschkulisse im Studio, die ich nicht ertrage. daher gingen sie wieder zurück. Schade, denn klanglich haben mir die Monitore ziemlich gut gefallen. Durchaus möglich, dass unser Stromnetz einen Gleichspannungsanteil mit drauf hat, aber das müssen Aktivboxen um die 200 Euro das Stück abkönnen. Meine Nubert nuPro A20 sind absolut geräuschlos im Leerlauf, es ist also machbar wenn man die richtigen Komponenten verbaut.
EDIT: Habe mir nun ein Pärchen Adam T7V gekauft, da brummt und rauscht überhaupt gar nix. Somit haben die Presonus entweder einen Produktionsfehler oder sind einfach Schrott.


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Très bon son mais un bourdonnement gâche tout
aDarkTree 06.08.2020
Je cherchais des enceintes pour du monitoring home studio et pour écouter de la musique.

Le son correspond exactement à ce que je cherchais : précis, agréable et pas fatiguant. De ce côté là c'est tout bon.

Par contre, il y a un bourdonnement incessant, identique sur les 2 enceintes, même quand rien n'est branché en entrée et ce peu importe le volume.
Ce bourdonnement ne semble pas venir des baffles mais plutôt de l’alimentation de l'ampli. On ne l'entend plus quand on met du son, il est juste couvert par la musique, je suppose.
C'est un bruit qui est insupportable à la longue et pas adapté à l'usage home studio, il est suffisamment fort pour être repiqué par le N1-A qui est à 2,5m.

C'est donc dommage, je les avais adoptée pour le son mais ce bourdonnement est rédhibitoire. Je vais donc devoir les retourner.


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Love the sound, mixed feelings regarding the self-noise.
Makezoid 26.08.2020
I already red about the potential self-noise issue with these speakers before placing my order as they otherwise tick all the boxes for me. Well sadly I've come to the same conclusion, these things have an audible hum emanating from the bass element.

I have done all the necessary tests to conclude that this is NOT a grounding issue. I have tested these without signal cables, with a lifted ground and a double online conversion UPS and the gain set to minimum and the noise persist. It's quite annoying as it's borderline audible from my listening spot but just enough that you know it's there. My listening position is approx. 80cm away from the bass element in an untreated room. I think the issue might be even worse in a more quiet room.

It is a real shame because otherwise I really love these speakers. The sound is great and the tuning possibilities are enough for me. I haven't A/B tested these but I have listened to KRK Rokit RP7 G4 and Adam T7V. The KRKs were great but the Mrs. said no to the color and Adams were too bright for me and I had reservations with it's limited tuning possibilities. Without the self-noise issue I would give this monitor a 5-star review without reservations.


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