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Presonus Atom SQ


Hybrid MIDI keyboard / pad performance and production controller

  • Flexible controller for production and performance
  • 32 Touch- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads
  • Assignable multifunctional touch strip
  • 8 Configurable endless encoders
  • Deep integration with Studio One's pattern editor
  • Ableton Live integration enables session navigation, transport control, clip start / stop, crossfader control and much more
  • Arpeggiator
  • USB bus powered
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 361 x 171 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg
Bluetooth No
5-pole DIN MIDI No
Ethernet No
Pads 32
Diplay Yes
Rotary Knobs 8
Fader(s) 0
Drawbar No
Expansion No
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Value per square foot
Angel Angeles III 11.06.2021
- Small, compact and lightweight
- Good build quality, good feeling pads and very sensitive.
- Polyphonic aftertouch
- Infinitely rotating knobs (makes it like a console 1 for plugins)
- You can play keys and it feels okay
- You can change the layout of the keys and select which specific octaves you want to see (if you want the first key to start on G or B or E, that's possible)
- Built-in arpeggiator
- Big touch strip, you can do some tricks with it
- Extensive transport controls using the knobs
- Bright LEDs
- Sequencer function for Studio One
- Integrates really well with Studio One
- Includes Studio One Artist, loops and tons of plugins.
- Black on white looks so cool

- No sustain pedal jack (you can press and hold A as sustain)
- Needs some getting used to because of unique layout
- Needs to have a power switch (you cannot turn the lights off instantly)
- Can be very confusing at first


Solid controller if you utilise Studio One & Ableton
Tang The Pilgrim 08.10.2020
I purchased the Atom SQ as a travel/performance controller and to utilize the synths in Studio One. I have so far found that Ableton is still my DAW of choice for live performance and the ATOM SQ works well enough for triggering scenes, tracks etc. I used to lug an MPC around to gigs but now track out my beats and stems at home and utilise midi controllers and DAWs as it allows me to travel light when performing. As a loyal Studio One user the Atom SQ makes perfect sense for me. It takes some getting used to like any midi controller and have found it less intuitive when integrating with ableton than the more purpose built ableton midi controllers like the APC mini which I was using before. Having said that, it is more than adequate once you have programmed the controls into your muscle memory and the extent to which the Atom SQ opens up Studio One, transforming it into a hands on production/performance tool is really impressive. I am yet to really sink my teeth into the Atom SQ and unlock it's true potential but so far I am really pleased and it is the only controller I will need going forward.


The mini Push
LeeLek 01.04.2021
I have ableton Push, but I need a smaller controller that able to put in backpack, this is the best solution for me so far.
Although it's not flawless, some function is not as good as Push, but the solid knob and great quality pad,it is enough for me.

I've use Ableton for ten years, mainly produce. I am not a good keyboard player, the scale of Atom SQ made me decide to buy it. It's really handy to change key or use different mode.

Looking forward Presonus to upgrade the software , Atom SQ is beautiful and so much potential. It's a good thing for this company made a smart and creative controller.


Double triggering problems, will never be fixed, i had to return it.
Proyal 01.05.2021
If you check on official forums, you will notice that the problem i encountered is common knowledge.

[link removed]

The pads are double triggering, which is a severe design problem, hardware in nature, that will never be fixed by software or firmware update.

More specifically the main part of the controller, the pads, are double triggering or are playing multiple notes during normal usage.

The underlying problem is from the sensors they used (that don't record up and down pressure like on more expensive controllers), the fact that the pads are made from a too hard material and they don't rest on a flat surface, thus triggering multiple notes very easily).

It has been 8 months since the product was launched and they can't fix this problem by firmware / software since it is a physical problem.

It seemed to be such a nice product.
Maybe Atom SQ 2, will have proper pad design and sensors.


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