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Daddario GH Humidifying System


Guitar Humidifiers

  • Especially for acoustic guitars and steel-string guitars
  • Prevents cracking in the body and warped neck
  • Easy to remove
  • The humidifier is simply inserted into the sound hole of the guitar without additional holders or clips
  • Releases moisture to the instrument slowly and evenly
  • To refill, lid must be opened with 2 hooks (press down below the cover and the cover is already removed - quite simply)
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Can only hold vary little water
Robert269 19.08.2020
The poor rating is based on what I think of the product in it's original form and not my intended use, for which I think it's great.

I've had one of these since many years and ordered one more since I have one more guitar now.
The general idea behind the product is good, even though it's not revolutionary. The main issue with the product (and others like it) is that the sponge can hold very little water.
Depending on circumstances you will have to wet the sponge at least once or twice a week, IME.

If you intend to use the sponge bundled I'd suggest you at least get the "pro" version instead, that can hold more water, or even look at another product.
However, I didn't intend to use the sponge and use it with orbeez/water pearls instead (it's quite an easy mod), so I bought the cheaper alternative.

So, the plastic "case" is, IMO, useful, since it is easy to modify for use with orbeez and it can sit in the sound hole while the guitar is in the case, so you don't have to mount it to the case itself or worry it might scratch your guitar.


Sponge in a black plastic container
Sourceror 01.04.2014
Basicly it is a sponge a black plastic container.....sometimes simple things just work....

Soak the sponge in water....
Rinse it out so that it does not dripple any water....
Put the sponge back in the black plastic containers....
Put the lid on it
Dry the container in case it got wet in the process.
Put the container in the body of the guitar the top resting on the 2 of the middle strings holding it in place.
Recheck the sponge to see if it gets a little dry.....if so repeat the process...

Works best when the guitar is in its case....


Planet wawes pw-gh
Björn2865 04.11.2014
Planet wawes pw-gh , air humidity controler is a great and afordable investment for your acoustic guitar , iv baught one for all My acoustic guitars and leave it in The hardcase every time .
Higly recomended.


Does its job.
nektar 05.10.2018
It is just what you would expect - a properly built piece of plastic with a sponge inside. I do not have any of the professional devices that could measure the humidity of the wood in any place of the guitar, so I really do not know how efficient the Planet Waves system is. It's good that it fits and the water does not splash around, so I can do at least that to keep the guitar comfortably humidified.


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