Pearl Midtown Grindstone Sparkle


Shell Set

  • MDT764P/C-708
  • Shell made of 6-ply, 7.5 mm thick poplar wood
  • Foil-wrapped shells
  • Chrome shell hardware
  • Optiloc tom mounts
  • Remo UT + Powerstroke 3 (bass drum) heads
  • Colour: Grindstone Sparkle (#708)
  • Includes tom arm and bass drum riser

Shell set comprises:

  • 16" x 14" bass drum
  • 10" x 07" tom tom
  • 13" x 12" floor tom
  • 13" x 5.5" snare drum
available since May 2019
Item number 466042
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Drum Size 16"
Number of TomToms 1
Number of Floor Toms 1
Shell Material Poplar
Shell Finish Foiled
Shell colour Grey
Sparkle Yes
Fade No
Burst No
Colour of Shell Hardware Chrome
Incl. Snare Yes
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In stock

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Small & Powerfull
phantom1 17.08.2021
This mini Drum-set with
on the arrival came a box, The box is 2FT, 5" Hight, 1FT, 7" on all four sides.

The Drum-set was neat & tightly packed.

The drum-set & one gets a drum-key with the buy. though for those who never set-up Drum-sets, it will seem tricky. if its one's first time, one can figure this out on assembly.

The set took the average time, but tunes lovely lug-skrews are not at all stiff to the hand while turning & tuning the set.

It sure sounds like a "Pearl" Drum-set.
Is crispy & Sharp, even though the snare is 13" & 5.5" one can please in most band scenarios, as a pop artist covers or originals.
This snare is going to work.
Cross-sticking the snare is high pitched (13" Snare). & what come to my mind is Reggae, and the snare pulls it of quite well.
Snare Strainer (OFF), as i mentioned it carries well anyway, as on older Metal player in a recording scenario the snare strainer off is prevalent to the mics. Think of a Band like "Tool".....

with some pearl drum-sets, the sound is slightly hollow/much reverb.
The 10" can be nicely tuned higher or lower to suit the style of music.
The Floor (13") might reach a drop-D but suits the usual low E or higher.

Is a miniature powerhoue with a lovely natural reverb that emanates & carries well.

Something with this Drum-set says it works well for Jazz Music, & i am a Jazz Fan. This Drum-set will be Suited for this kind of playing too, as well as ones pop music scene.

Overall. i rate four out of five (Drum Riser) could be made from a different material to give more strength or change the Design.

Sound, well it is small & punchy But will need mics at bigger venues and that hollow sound limits some musical capabilities as it would not be called for in a lot of cases. but, if you buy this Pearl Drum-set it is a typical Pearl sounding set.

Quality, is reasonable for the price.
For starting out (Early Players). this Little Drum-Set will take all your beatings & frustrations while learning & also offers pro players something for smaller gigs..