Pearl Compact Traveler Kit


Compact drum kit

  • Consists of an 18" bass drum and 10" snare drum
  • Snare holder is adjustable
  • Suitable for use with standard drumheads
  • Collapsible to a thickness of less than 5"
  • Padded handle for easier transportation
  • Can be tuned with a standard tuning key
  • Perfect for street music and small stages
  • PCTK-1810
Available since July 2017
Item number 410781
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Drum Size 18"
Number of TomToms 0
Number of Floor Toms 0
Shell Material Plastic
Shell Finish Plastic
Shell Colour Black
Sparkle No
Fade No
Burst No
Shell Hardware Colour Black
Incl. Snare Yes
Bass Drum size 18"
Finish Plastic
Colour Black
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Goodbye to lugging - this drum kit is really mobile

The Pearl Compact Traveler Kit is a minimalist kit consisting of a bass drum and a snare drum. It is ideal wherever there is not enough space for a complete drum set or where you need some quiet drumming. Thanks to its clever construction, the Traveler Kit can be folded up so small that you can literally put it under your arm. If you want to expand the kit, you will find a 10" and a 14" tom as well as suitable transport bags in the Pearl range of accessories.

A beat machine with two drums

A bass drum and a snare - that's all you need for a drum beat, and these two components are quite enough to get the audience dancing at the gig. The Traveler Kit can be set up in just a few minutes and only requires a drum pedal, which is attached to the base plate of the amazingly rich-sounding 18" bass drum, to start drumming right away. Just like the bass drum, the 10" snare also has a common standard size, so that the skins can be easily replaced if need be. An adjustable spiral carpet on the underside of the skin provides an authentic snare sound.

Perfectly equipped for street music or a coffeehouse gig

Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, the Pearl Compact Traveler Kit is ideal for situations where quick assembly and disassembly is key, for example for an impromptu street music gig. The Traveler Kit also does a perfect job when gigging in a café, where a conventional drum set would knock the audience out of their seats: It sounds like a drum kit, but is much quieter. Because of that, it can even be used for living room sessions - which is something no other acoustic drum set can do.

About Pearl

The Pearl company was founded in Japan in 1946 and has been making drums since 1950. After initially manufacturing exclusively for other brands, it began to produce drums under its own name in the 1960s. Initially, the company was strongly oriented towards American models, but over the course of time, more and more of its own designs were developed, and ultimately established themselves on the market. Today, Pearl is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drums, percussion instruments, and accessories. A milestone in Pearl's history is the Export Drumkit, introduced in 1982, which is believed to be the best-selling drum kit of all time.

Set up and dismantle at the speed of light

Gone are the days when the drummer was always the last to set up and dismantle. It doesn't take more than a few simple steps and the Pearl Compact Traveler Kit is ready to be played - a huge plus for drummers who play street music and therefore want to act spontaneously. And since many street musicians are on foot or using public transport, the extremely compact design of the kit offers another unbeatable advantage: Even in the largest configuration, the drum kit can easily be carried by one person.

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48 Reviews

A small kit that will surprise you and everyone around you.
StePaDrums 07.01.2019
I bought this over a year ago and since i've used it for small gigs in bars, restaurants and hotels. That's right, gigs, this thing might look like a toy but it is a proper instrument.
Its strongest selling point is obviously portability, but the reduced stage real estate is welcome too.

The bass drum is surprisingly low in pitch, and the self muffled head is easy to tune. It's also stable enough so you can play without worrying it might tip over. If you use a mic and some EQ on it, most people would not hear the difference between this and a regular bass drum.

The snare drum sounds crisp and dry and it takes a while to figure out how to tune/adjust snares to get the best sound possible. I swapped the head for a coated ambassador and it sounds much better, but do not expect it to sound like a regular snare drum.

Things get really interesting if you incorporate other drums like floor toms, a regular snare drum etc. You can also loosen the snares and use the snare drum as a 10" tom/timbal, or add it as a piccolo snare to your regular set.

Bear in mind that this drum kit, awesome as it is, is not a replacement for a regular drum set.

To sum up, I'm perfectly happy with this kit. You should not expect to record any award winning stuff, but it gets the job done, especially those "can you maybe play the cajon" situations us drummers have to face from time to time.


A lot of fun and easy to use
Shobo 10.01.2019
Great busking kit, compact and has a good feel to it. Cons are the snares, which started breaking off one by one after a while, and that wouldn't be a huge problem, just that replacing them is a pain because the snare drum wasn't designed with replacing the snares in mind. All in all, I had a blast with it, just muffle it down and throw some low volume cymbals on it and it's a perfect low volume gig kit :D


Nkeman 26.06.2018
This kit is insane, for the price and for how small it is, it sounds unbelievable!!So handy for so many different occasions and so easy to carry around!
One thing that I recommend is to get a separate clamp for the snare or otherwise everytime you hit the kick drums, the snare buzzes a lot, since it's attached on top of the kick, just a tiny detail. It sounds amazing as it is, to be honest!!
Anyway, I highly recommend this!!


Amazing practice kit at a great price!
Good Life Guy 09.09.2022
It just arrived together with the millenium still series set and I fell in love.

It is actually much louder than I expected. The snare is very loud, almost as loud as a standard snare, whilst the kick is a little quieter but does the job perfectly.

The only thing which doesnt really sound that great is the rim shot on the snare, however I also got a sonar wood block and hit that when doing rim shots and it works great.

I am very pleased with this kit and am now wondering how soon should I buy the expansion pack with the 2 toms :D.

Bare in mind this version does not come with a gig bag so this will have to be bought separately.


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