Palmer Pocket Amp Bass


Bass Preamp

  • For practicing, recording and performing
  • For active and passive basses
  • 3 Sound modes: Clean, Overdrive and Fuzz
  • 3-Band equalizer which has been specifically tuned for bass guitar and with semi-parametric mid control
  • Output DI or with speaker emulation
  • Effects loop
  • Controls: Bass, Mid Level, Mid Freq, Highs, Drive, FX Blend, Saturate and Volume
  • Connections: Bass input with pad switch, headphones, AUX In, Bass Thru, XLR DI Out, Amp Out with ground lift, FX insert
  • Aluminium diecast housing
  • Powered with optional 9V battery or 9V DC power supply (e.g., Article Nr 409939 - not included)
Available since September 2016
Item number 398642
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floor Effects Pedal
Tubes No
Amp Modeling No
Integrated Effects No
Headphone Output Yes
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Connector(s) No
Integrated Expression Pedal No
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux Input Yes
Integrated Tuner No
USB Connection No
Effect Types Preamp
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74 Reviews

Great practice tool (...maybe for recording, too?)
TBE 06.11.2021
I bought this for practicing electric bass guitar, and it's perfect for that.

The size and layout of the device are very good: you get a lot of functionality and connectivity in something you can comfortably hold in one hand. The description "pocket" is a bit misleading, I think - maybe other people have bigger pockets than me(?) - but if it was any smaller then the controls would be too close together, and fiddly to adjust.

It seems well made, and pretty road-worthy. But I'm not planning on gigging with it - it will stay at home.

The sound is really good. Of the three MODES, I prefer O.DRIVE, which can add a nice degree of musical saturation. Of the three CAB voicings, I prefer MODERN (which adds low frequency "weight") or VINTAGE (which adds mid range "throatiness"). The "Saturate" control is mis-labeled, in my opinion; I would have called it "Compression", which it does really well; it's actually one of the most musical "one-knob compressors" I've ever used on bass. There's lots of output volume available (if anything slightly too much; I have to adjust the Vol knob quite carefully not to deafen myself).

I've given it four stars instead of five for "sound" because it's not the quietest device I've ever used. The noise level is still pretty good...but there's definitely a slight layer of background hiss, more than other bass gear I own (e.g. a mark II SansAmp). For practicing this doesn't matter; I never notice it. But it's a pity, because if it wasn't for the noise I think it would be great for recording, too. I'll try it at some point; maybe in a mix the noise won't matter(?)

As an "all-in-one bass practice tool" it's missing a few things, perhaps:
* a tuner
* metronome
* a volume control for the aux input

...but I don't need them: I've got tuners already, you can get metronome apps for your phone, and pretty much anything you connect to it will have its own volume control anyway. Adding those things would have increased the price, and the size of the device.

One final thing: either I'm practising more than I used to - a good sign! - or it eats batteries like sweets. So do the planet a favour, and get a mains adapter or some rechargeable batteries :)


Amazing clean channel and packed with features
JxHx o dos zOiO dE PiPe 11.12.2020
I bought it mainly because of the headphone output and the “sweepable” middle frequencies and I am not dissapointed!
The clean channel sounds amazing with both my active and passive basses. The controls are super responsive and give you a lot of possibilities, and the knobs feels sturdy. The FX insert is a great idea to save space and the other features like speaker emulation and headphones output sound really good.
I deducted points because the Overdrive and Fuzz channels are too mild in my opinion. In order to get a good crunchy sound out of them, you need to crank the Drive almost all the way up (I go all the way!) and use the Normal input (not the -12dB) even if your bass is active. It only really crunches when the input signal peaks. Otherwise, it would be the ultimate affordable portable amp. In those conditions, it's a really good fuzz pedal, too!
On the other hand, with the OD and Fuzz you can use the Blend at 100% wet signal and still won't lose a lot of bottom end, which is a nice plus - as is the auxiliary input, for practicing.
The manual could be much better. For example, I am still not quite sure I understand what exactly the Saturate knob does - mostly, I just go as high as right before my tone starts to sound funny, for the compression. All in all, it takes some work to master all the dials.
I still haven't, but I would easily use it for recording of on stage (the option to use the DI pre or post EQ is also a great feature!). The metal housing and the foot switch feel they can take some stomping.
The other day I used it to practice guitar with headphones (7-stringer with a heavy distortion pedal) and it sounded pretty good, too! =D


Pocket Amp
Alex<randomInteger> 06.04.2021
So it's rather cheap, has lots of controls and inputs and outputs. And it's tiny. I like that I can take it wherever I take my bass, just plug into it and play.
- Bypass is not really a bypass, it's amplifying the signal, too. It creates nice clean full tone. Sounds better than plugging the bass directly into the Hi-Z input of a mixer;
- EQ controls affect the overdriven sound. If you set Blend to 0, EQ will be flat;
- Gain+Blend+EQ controls make for lots of combinations of settings. I find it rather difficult to set a good tone. Sometimes the best tone I can get is the Bypass (Green LED);
- I can't really hear what Saturation does. According to the manual, it's a mild compression.
- Aux in and headphone out are great for practice in the night;
All in all, it's a great combination of features.

I guess if you pay more and buy a bigger box, you'll get better tone. But you won't be able to carry it in your pocket.


SansAmp on budget
drew84 16.02.2022
I've never heard about Palmer before. They made pretty impressive little bass machine!
Here are my observations after few tests:
- pretty solid build, but has some flaws in coating. That makes it look "cheaper", than it could be.
- impressive EQ with parametric mids. A lot of options to shape your tone.
- can be used as DI-box.
- can be used as practice amp with headphones.
- can be used as overdrive/fuzz effect.
- Blend control is useful to create mix of dry and overdirven signal. I find this the most cool feature of the device.
- thus, it gives a lot of routing possibilities.
- overall tone is pretty good, though not the best one maybe.
- can be powered with 9V battery, which is useful if you don't have standalone power source.

Conclusion: very good device for it's money! It gives you DI-box, overdrive/fuzz effect, practice amp and splitter in a single unit. Good choice, as for me.


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