Orange Rocker 15 Terror


Amp Head for Electric Guitar

  • Power: 15 watts RMS - switchable to 15/7/1 / 0.5 watts
  • 2 Channels
  • Tube assembly: 3x ECC83, 1x ECC81, 2x EL84
  • Natural Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Dirty Volume controls
  • Mono FX loop
  • Speaker outputs: 1x 16 ohms, 2x 8 ohms
  • Weight: 6.4 kg
  • Incl. Gigbag
available since January 2018
Item number 423054
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power 15 W
Power Amplifier Tubes EL84
Channels 2
Reverb No
Footswitch No
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luaks 13.04.2019
I've been on the lookout for a new Amp for more than a year before settling on the Rocker 15.
After having used my Peavey Vypyr for about 8 Years, I wanted a low wattage tube amp.
Out of a few british amps at a similar price point I liked the sound of the Rocker 15 the most.

My first impression was basically "wow that thing is LOUD".
I play in my flat and even though I use a silent cab, I still run the amp at one watt most of the time.

What I like:
* A nice range of sounds from crisp cleans to quite high gain
* The way it reacts to my playing
* The ability to dial it down to 0.5 watt
* The effectsloop
* It takes gain pedals quite nicely
* The simplicity of the interface

What I don't like:
* The channel switching footswitch is a separate product not provided with the amp
* I think the highs of the dirty channel could be a bit more focused (is almost a non issue, but I thought I should mention it)
* There is a switch between half and full wattage on the front, however the switch between the "headroom" and "bedroom" settings is at the back. This could have been moved into a single 4 way switch at the front.

What to expect:
* An out of the box good sound, just plug it in and it will work
* A good base for pedal usage
* A loud amp that can easily keep up with a drummer

What not to expect:
* An absolute high end metal beast
* A quiet amp, that can be played in your flat at night (to be fair it can do that, but not at optimal sound)

Regarding the features:
* As previously mentioned I would have liked the footswitch to come with it
* You receive a nice bag for the amp, which is adequate, considering it is not that heavy

Regarding handling:
* Most of the front is described by pictograms instead of text, that might initially not be intuitive, but for a quick look it works a lot nicer and makes the front look a lot cooler.
* The clean channel has no way of adjusting the sound, however I don't think it is necessary, it already sounds phenomenal

Overall I am absolutely happy with my purchase and for my current situation it was definitely the right choice.


Probably the last amp I will buy for a long time
tsiguel 02.06.2020
Disclaimer: I was previously playing through Orange Micro Terror so I do like the "orange" sound.

The packaging: the amp comes with a padded bag that is very nice to use and does not come with a footswitch. I personally think that orange footswitches are a bit bulky so this was not an issue for me.

The sound: I was always a fan of Orange breakup tones and this does deliver everything I was hoping for. In my one-man-band setup it fills the sonic space nicely and has a really punchy mid-range (paired with a V30 cabinet). I can get a really nice variety of gain tones and It all works really well. What I was surprised with is how much I liked the clean tones and how much I end up using the clean channel as a result.

The amp is loud, and I do mean LOUD. The headroom/bedroom switch as well as half/full power work wonders for this. I am yet to be able to take it off the headroom mode for either practice or live as it gets plenty loud. I find that even in 1W mode it is loud enough to hold its own with my small drum kit.

It does have fx loop which is great for delays/looping.

Overall I love the amp and it suites my needs perfectly and so this is going to be the last amp I buy for a long time.

Small negative points:
- Handle does not fold so I cannot set my backup on the top (not really a big issue)
- Aformentioned lack of bundled footswitch (not a problem since I was planning to get a smaller footprint one from a third party anyway)


the Orange sound
Kostas_ 04.09.2022
It sounds like an Orange amp should. The clean channel is a bit dull but I am using this 99% of the time as a pedal platform. I find that I prefer the drive of pedals that of this amp, but for people who love the Orange tone, it is great. Great quality (no issues in 2-3 years), never a hiccup. That's my only tube amp that never had an issue so that says something. The low-power settings are extremely useful. The gain knob doesn't do anything until it is half-way up, I'm sure this could have been improved in the design. I guess it is 5 stars if you love the Orange tone, I give it 4 because neither the clean nor the drive channels impressed me personally.


Great product but unfortunately not my thing
Ozzy Esen 25.08.2019
This is a great amp with a very cool simple design and feature set.
It?s just so easy to carry in the bag comes with it and go to a gig/rehearsal. Build quality is very good for an amp made in China, it feels like real durable amp, not a gimmick.

I bought this amp after having not so nice experiences with build quality of some of the Marshalls I have owned.

But the sound / response is not my thing - although it sounds great - just not my taste. This amp has a slower and more compressed attack in comparison to a typical Marshall or Fender.
So this is not your amp if you are looking for a very sharp, fast pick attack or a sound that?s more pronounced at high mids. Think of this amp more as Black Sabbath / Gary Moore vs Van Halen / Iron Maiden.

If you are looking for a sound to fill the whole spectrum, and take more place in the mix with only one guitar, and sounding fat, very fat - then this is a great amp.


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