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French Horns

Horns in Bb, F or double horns – it’s a tough decision. This guide is here to help!

French Horns
French Horns

Radiating luminance ...

... and dreamy melancholy. The composer and music aesthetician Schubart (1739-1791) recognized it as early as the 18th century: “Nothing imitates an echo more skillfully than the horn.” Over the course of time, the horn became popular in opera houses and concert halls. With or without a mute: which music lover could resist the majestic splendor of the horns in a Wagner opera or the contrast of vigorous, storming passages and calming sounds in Gustav Mahler’s “The Titan”? Almost every wind orchestra features horns, and their colorful sound has even become popular in jazz. The horn’s expressive possibilities are limitless.

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