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Oktava Mk 012-02 MSP4 silver

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  • Bossa Cardioid
  • Bossa Omni
  • Strumming Cardioid
  • Strumming Omni
  • Cymbals Cardiod
  • Cymbals Omni
  • Woodblock Cardiod Dry
  • Woodblock Cardiod Reverb
  • Woodblock Omni Dry
  • Woodblock Omni Reverb
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Small Diaphragm Microphones

  • With 2 capsules in each (omni and cardioid) and -10 dB pad
  • Matched stereo pair
  • Incl. holder per microphone
  • Colour: silver
  • In a wooden case
  • Made in Russia
Battery Powered No
Directional Microphone No
Stereo Pair Yes
switchable lowcut No
switchable pad Yes
characteristic ball, cardioid
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Best mics I've ever purchased
simi1029 01.04.2016
Usage scenarios
So far I've recorded drums, vocals and acoustic guitar with these mics. This month I will record some percussion instruments (vibraphone, marimba).

Sound quality, pros
The sound quality and clarity is unbelievable. I really like the modular layout of the product. The frequency response is really good and balanced.

For example for drums I used the 10 dB pad module, but for vocals it was fine without it.

Minor things
The wooden box is looking really nice, but I would recommend purchasing a decent case for these microphones. Also the included clips are working just fine with acoustic guitar recording, but using them as drum overheads, they pick up too much rumble from the floor.

If you planning to buy a shock mount for this mic, the t.bone SSM 4 shock mount is too large for this microphone, it slides out of the slot. This mic is pretty small. So choose carefully.

All together I am really satisfied with this product. The build quality is sturdy, you can easily feel and hear the quality of the product.


very good product for its price
cemonerturk 11.12.2019
I have been reading reviews about Oktava Mk 012-02 mics for a while. I decided to give it a try. Result is over satisfying. I also own a Neumann KM 184. Oktava's are 3 times cheaper and MSP4 set also includes an omni capsule. If I need to compare, both cardiod sound close. I am a classically trained musician so mostly I use stereo techniques (a-b, ortf or x-y) in a concert hall. Never used them in a studio, etc. From my side, a good mic needs to show neutral sound which is coming out of the instrument. Both Neumann Km 184 and Oktava Mk 012-02 Cardioid sounds great. But as a characteristic future of cardioid mics, low and high notes sounds a bit saturated and
fancy most of the time. So Omni capsules of Oktava covers that part in a very natural way. I use cardioid capsules sometimes to give a little more detail to my main stereo Omni capsules.
When I need to record in a church or similar places which has too much echo, I use cardioid capsules not to have too much reverb.
So Oktava Mk 012-02 MSP4 is a good investment for its price which includes 2 capsules.


Nice pair and excellent quality/price ratio
Mikk M. 25.02.2014
Oktava has made an exceptional set of microphones here. The ones delivered to me represents the MK 012-02 model (the picture is of the older 012-01 model). The outside and all the accessories are the same so it is probably the inside electronics which is different. The metal build quality is good, everything what you would expect from a former military factory :)
The wooden box looks nice in the picture and in the first glance, but in real it is far from being tight, let alone waterproof or sealed. I am seriously recommending and thinking of buying a good case for them.
The reason I bought them was that I was looking for buying a stereo set of omni mics for acoustical recording of strings, piano and orchestra.
I recorded some orchestra in the rehearsal and in the concert in two different acoustics. So far only good words. The sound picture is very natural and it really sounds like it sounded on the spot. It might be that the lowest bass might need some support from the equalizer but otherwise really true set. The channels seem to match well and I am happy, at least for now.


Very good sound and expandability, not such great build quality
Anonymous 29.04.2014
The day I got these, I tried to put them into the supplied holders and I noticed they almost scratched the mics as they went in. Then the holders were much too stiff, I tried to loosen them carefully with a screwdriver but this just damaged the aluminium - my heart sinks every time I open the box and see them:(

I promptly ordered some generic plastic holders from Thomman for a few euros and have used these happily ever since. I'd STRONGLY recommend this if buying the set.

Also, after a year or so one mic developed a fault (noisy). As expected, Thomman promptly facilitated its return to Oktava for servicing. Now, the screw and aluminium on that mic is slightly blemished and you can tell the mic has been taken apart - even though this was by the manufacturers. I'm now a little worried this may happen again when they are out of warranty, but I can only presume they won't.

I'm not sure if the black versions would hide these cosmetic problems a bit.

HOWEVER all this said, these mics sounds GREAT for the money, I love them and have bought most of the accessories available. They have a definite high end roll off and a warm retro character that I love, although if you were making more contemporary music this may not be too your taste.

The omni capsules sound great too, I'd also recommend buying the figure of eight attachment for a very cheap way of attaining figure of eight and mid-side recordings.

A very affordable way to get a microphone artillery, I love these mics and would definitely buy them again.

I weigh the quality downfalls against the sound quality and would rather work around these and get a great sound!


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