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A saving grace for drummer-ears!

The T.Bone HD-990D performance is especially tuned for drummers. These cans feature ambient noise isulation, allowing much lower monitoring levels - so you’ll reduce the risk of damaging your hearing in the heat of a wild session.T.Bone HD-990D: Easy on the ears!
Closed isolation headphones for drummers

Our T.Bone brand creates quality products at affordable price points – and our latest addition, the T.Bone HD-990D is no exception to this iron rule! For about half the price of comparable products, these great cans are not only comfortable to wear and deliver a punchy bass sound – they also reduce ambient noise by approx. 22 dB.

the t.bone HD-990D
the t.bone HD-990D
The ambient noise reduction feature is great for all practice, studio and session applications, where you have to protect your ears on one hand - but require good monitoring on the other. Due to locking out the ambient noise, you can go easy on the volume – and still hear more detail! The headphones’ frequency response ranges from 10 Hz to 20.000 Hz and an angled 3.5 mm stereo plug with included 6.3 mm adapter adds connection flexibility. The impedance of 35 Ohms and a high sound pressure of 105 dB allow the use of the HD-990D even without dedicated headphone amp. Last but not least, the coil cord prevents cable-spaghetti and has a flexible length of 1 to 4 m.

All in all: cool cans for stage and studio use - for an equally cool price of only €26!

Key Features:
  • Dynamic headphones
  • Impedance 35 Ohms
  • Sound Pressure Level of 105 dB
  • Coil cord, length 1-4m
  • Ambient noise reduction of approx. 22 dB
  • Angled 3,5mm stereo plug, includes 6,3mm adapter
  • Ideally suited for drummers and studio applications
  • 3-years of Thomann warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee

the t.bone HD-990D at Thomann Cyberstore:

the t.bone HD 990D
the t.bone HD 990D
  • Ideal for drummer
  • Sound attenuation of ambient noise about 22 dBA
  • Circumlunar

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