Neumann KMS 105 BK


Vocal Microphone

The KMS 105 is developed to optimally transmit the human voice making it the first choice for demanding live applications. Due to the low inherent noise, crosstalk behavior that is free of colouration and the supercardioid characteristics, KMS-105 is ideal for a solo singer on stage. Popping, wind and handling noise are largely avoided through an innovative filter. High acoustic resolution and linear frequency response ensure that KMS-105 provides the musician an optimum control over singing and speaking on stage at any time.

  • Condenser microphone
  • The Neumann sound for stage
  • High transparency in speaking and singing
  • Transformerless circuit
  • Supercardioid characteristics reduces feedback
  • Crosstalk performance free of colouration
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. microphone clamp
available since May 2000
Item number 142052
sales unit 1 piece(s)
On/Off Switch No
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Color Black
Lo Cut No
Pad No
Diameter 48 mm
Length 180 mm
Weight 300 g
Frequency range from 20 Hz
Frequency range to 20 kHz
Microphone Mount 1
Bag 1
Windscreen optional available 191079
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An exceptional live vocal mic. Just the best.
Peter A. 333 23.03.2015
Some years ago, I bought a KMS104 (cardioid), and was immediately impressed with the sheer detail and delicacy of the sound I was able to get. I chose cardioid, since most other vocal mics I had were cardioid, and I wanted to avoid the "rear lobe" that some super/hyper-cardioid mics exhibit. Anyway, I was pleased with the 104 but have found that I sometimes struggle to get wedge monitoring loud enough when using it.

I decided to try the KMS105 as an experiment really, on the basis that it was going to be as good as the 104, but would hopefully be better from a feedback point of view. I was right! The 105 IS a much better betif you're using wedges rather than IEMs. The sound is still wonderfully crisp, but with a rich body as well, just like the 104, but I find I can get all the level I need from monitoring, even on "loud" stages. There is a rear pickup lobe, but to be honest it's not noticeable, and certainly have never been an issue.

It is now my best mic, and goes out on every gig where there is a decent vocalist. I plan to sell the 104 and get another 105, because for me, it's just that bit more useable.


This kid is the best solution
SSaZae 13.03.2021
My home studio had reflections
like a Roman bathhouse, so I needed a clear solution.

[Off-axis rejection and sound quality]

I found this friend while comparing over 20 microphones.

The KMS105 sucks in only my voice like a vacuum cleaner,
while maintaining clear details.

If you're used to shure and Sennheiser's presence,
it might feel a bit dark.
But this means'little nasal',
and it also means your high degree of freedom of editing.

It is recorded stably without the feeling of being broken
or clumped
This child 'only listens to you'

The advantage of the'stage microphone'
will dominate your home studio.
Whether you're vocal, voiceover, musical instrument or livestream,
KMS105 will give you the best results.

Sometimes, unconventional price discounts on old products may signal a'new product launch'.

No, I think it's an opportunity.
It is a blessing to be able to purchase such a complete solution at this price.

Every day before bed, I'll pay homage to thomann's direction and fall asleep.


I definitely rate the KMS 105 BK!
HarryR 29.05.2013
I love it! It's so simple and the quality is superb. At the clubs I go to now I insist on substituting my Neumann for any of the house mikes. It makes me feel a little embarrassed to do this, but now I don't feel comfortable with anything else. And I'm so impressed with the way it effectively eliminates any potential feedback difficulties.


Phenomenal piece of gear
Gibbslander 21.12.2021
For 9 years I owned a Shure 87C. In parallel, I have used the majority of other condenser microphones suggested by sound engineers for different stage setups and live radio sessions. For my voice (I’m a jazz vocalist in the medium range) the KMS 105 ticks all the boxes. Cristal clear reproduction of the voice with a lot of warmth. Fantastic microphone.
I wouldn’t use it though on a small PA, it has a lot of power and it tends to saturate if the gain is not used properly.
The easiest 5 stars I ever gave. Enjoy yours!


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