Neumann KH 310 A left


Active Studio Monitor

  • 3 Way System
  • Maximum sound neutrality and transient response
  • Uniform directivity
  • Precise bass reproduction down to 34 Hz
  • LF input with extremely low distortion electronically-balanced input stage
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Variable adaptation within three frequency ranges

Technical data:

  • Peak power: 210 W (Woofer), 90 W (Midrange), 90 W (Tweeter)
  • Continuous power: 150 W (Woofer), 70 W (Midrange), 70 W (Tweeter)
  • Free-field frequency response: 34 Hz - 21 kHz, +/- 3 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Sound pressure level: 120.2 dB SPL at 1 meter in half space at 3% THD
  • Membrane dimensions: Woofer 8 1/4", Midrange: 3", Tweeter: 1"
  • Controller-Technology: Analog, active
  • Crossover: Crossover frequency 650 Hz/2 kHz
  • 24 dB/Okt
  • Equalization: Bass: 0..-7.5 dB, Midrange: 0..-4.5 dB, Treble: 1..-2 dB, each adjustable in 4 steps
  • Audio input (analog): XLR> 10K ohms electronically balanced
  • Dimensions: 253 x 383 x 292 mm
  • Weight: 13.0 kg
  • Mounting option: 2 x M8 side
  • Colour (standard): anthracite (RAL 7021)
  • 1 Piece: left speaker (optional: Right speaker Article Nr: 304991)
available since April 2013
Item number 304990
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Speaker size 1x 8"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 30 W
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) No
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Components 1x 8,25"
Power 300 W
Frequency range min. 34 Hz
Frequency range max. 21000 Hz
Connectors XLR
Dimensions 253 x 383 x 292
Weight 13,0 kg
Measurements 253 x 383 x 292
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Closed
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Neumann KH 310
Federick D 11.02.2021
The best investment that I have ever made in 10 years.
I used to work with KH 120.
I like the KH 120 but KH 310 are in a very different league.
KH 310 are super precise, super honest and super fast.
Before buying them I read tons of reviews.
Finally I can work on the sub low frequences much better.
The definition of the midrange frequences is great
I can hear 30 hz and the most incredible advantages is that they work perfect in a small room,
With these beasts I can mix a track very quickly.
I really like their dark sound but in the same time super reaveling and surgical.
You can use them for several hours without any hear fatigue.
I use them for mixing and mastering Industrial and Hefty Techno.
I know that they are not affordable but they are top studio monitors and you can achieve top results very quickly.
If you want obtain perfect mix (obviously if you have the skills) I strongly recommend these beasts.
If you listent to some tracks that are very boring it means that KH 310 reveal this aspect of the music, and you should work on you mixdown.
If yuor music sound great on these speakers your tracks will be translating very well in the club.
If you are not able to mix with these its not the speakers faults, maybe is your room and/or your skills.
The KH 310 are top-notch speakers for mixing heavy bass music.
I do believe they are perfect for small and medium rooms.
Buy them because they take your mixdown to the next level.


I wish I bought them before: get them asap!
Baptiste. 10.04.2021
I fell in love with the KH310 at the first listen back at an AES convention in Berlin. That week I had the chance also listen to the 420 + 870 combo, the best sound system I ever experienced yet.

The upgrade from average two-ways monitoring speakers to the KH310 was life-changing for me. It simply sounds right. Immediately. It takes some time of course to understand the details of these speakers offers and the difference to your former set-up but you'll feel that you can trust them.

For me the main point that is unequalled by any other manufactures on the price range: the woofer. The low response is precise, tight and clean; I realised how distorted the low spectrum and smeared the transients are in 99% of the set-ups I know.

As a music producer, it solved my issues for the mixes I was struggling with, since you hear everything with precision, it is simple to just pinpoint what is the option you prefer and want.

As a music lover, the well-produced tracks will sound like nothing before and shivers will be there. Unfortunately, less well-produced pieces won't make the same effect on you anymore. Also since you can hear everything, subconsciously your brain will be more active and it is less "relax listening", more tiring.

One star less for the very basic spectrum control shaping in the back of the speakers but any good DSP or DAC will allow you a precise control beforehand for professional set-ups.


Glasses for my ears
Diamond Eyes 22.03.2021
First off, I use these monitors in my studio, it has sufficient room treatment (Bass trapping, reflection points etc...) & they are placed around the 38% mark with the equal triangle method.

At first, I really enjoyed the clarity bu after a few days I became discouraged as they felt very underwhelming. However a month on & with a good 100+ hours listening to them I'm over the moon with them! They translate insanely well, with defined and dry bass response, incredible mid range & tight high end.

Surgically accurate
Expansive mid range
Crisp high end
Dry Bass
Confidence boosters

Not hyped (Not really a con but to a person who enjoys hyped monitoring then you should be test before committing to these monitors)
Wide (Again, not so much a con but a heads up! You want to get them fairly close for good stereo imaging as the mid range driver is on the outside).

Overall if you're after quality & reliable mixing monitors then these are easily the best in their price point. Comparable to the ATCSCM25A but at under half the cost Neumann have done a fantastic job here.



Best loudspeakers I ever heard in 40 years at this price point
Franck983 15.04.2022
I've had at home the famous AR 10Pi, AR9 (Teledyne from early 80's), various Cabasse models, various B&W models including 801's, Mission, KEF...

I've listened to lots of high-end speakers from JBL, B&W, 3A, Cabasse, Elipson...

My jaw dropped when I listened to these KH310. I have NEVER heard such coloration-free mids in any speaker at this price point. Total transparency. It's uncanny. As is the bass extension and punch in such a small package, without resorting to bass-reflex tuning. Thus, zero coloration in the mids from the port (something that often bothers me with ported speakers, even pricey ones).

These KH310 put to shame any offering from Focal, JBL etc. which all sound heavily colored ("monkey coffin" sound) compared to these.

The only speakers I heard that can beat the KH310 for neutrality and bandwidth in a small package, are Genelec monitors about twice the price. Granted, I still have to listen to the KH420... ;-)

After 40 years, I'm finally going to let go of my pair of (80's / Teledyne) AR9, and replace it with a pair of KH310 and a KH750 sub (not that the KH310 lack deep bass, but they do distort in the deep bass when pushing them hard).

I just wish they came in different colors, lol.


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