Mooer Ocean Machine


Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Reverb / Delay / Looper
  • Devin Townsend Signature model
  • 2 Independent delays
  • 15 Delay types each
  • Delay time: 0 - 2,000 ms
  • Ping pong effect
  • 9 Different reverb types
  • Sequence of effects in the signal chain is programmable
  • Freeze function
  • Tap-Tempo function
  • Looper with up to 44 seconds recording time
  • 2 Modes of operation
  • 8 Banks with 3 pesets each
  • MIDI programmable
  • Reverb footswitch
  • Delay A footswitch
  • Delay B footswitch
  • Control buttons for Preset, Store, Setting and Back Menu
  • Rotary push-button for navigating the preset menu
  • Status LEDs
  • Metal housing
  • 6.3 mm mono jack L / R inputs
  • 6.3 mm mono jack L / R outputs
  • MIDI in socket
  • MIDI thru socket
  • 6.3 mm TRS expression input
  • Power supply via optional power adapter 9 V DC (Mooer PDNW-9V2A-MP, not included, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, polarity (-) inside)
  • Current consumption: 500 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 112 x 215 x 55 mm
  • Weight 1,120 g

Note: Battery operation not possible.

Regulator reverb section:

  • Shimmer
  • Decay
  • Tone
  • R Mix
  • Reverb
  • Knob for selecting between Reverb modes (Mod / Spring / Reverse / Filter / FL-Verb / Dist-Verb / Plate / Hall / Room)

Controller Delay A section:

  • Feedback A
  • Time A
  • Tone A
  • D-Mix A
  • Delay A
  • Knob for selecting between Delay A modes (Fuzzy / Low Bit / Crystal / Rainbow / Liquid / Echo / Tape / Analog / Digital)

Controller Delay B section:

  • Feedback B
  • Time B
  • Tone B
  • D-Mix B
  • Delay B
  • Knob for selecting between Delay B Modes (Mod-Inv / Tri-Mod / Mod / Galacy / Dyna / Real / Tape / Analog / Digital)

Note: Register your product at to extend the warranty to 4 years.

Note Register your purchase at for an extended warranty of 4 years.
available since April 2017
Item number 411412
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Analogico No
Delay Time 2 s
tap feature Yes
Battery Operation No
PSU included No
Recording time in minutes 0,73 m
input/output configuration stereo in / stereo out
Stereo 1
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Very well built, very versatile, sound a little limited
Barnaby Walters 19.03.2020
tl;dr if you’re looking for Strymon-Bigsky-style epic natural reverbs then this pedal is not what you’re looking for. If however you’ve always wanted four time domain pedals crammed into one with a nice screen, cramped but great-feeling hardware controls and extensive MIDI control, give this one a go.

The pedal feels very sturdy with a custom metal case, robust footswitches and cramped-but-smooth metal knobs with just the right amount of torque. The encoder is the one weak point as it’s a bit wobbly.

The large colour screen and UI is excellent, providing a lot of signal chain freedom, and access to hidden parameters for the weirder reverb and echo models.

I bought this mostly to have flexible delay and reverb in one well-priced box and a serviceable looper. I’ll probably end up swapping it out for a combination of separate pedals as I refine my approach and reach limitations, but for the moment it’s a lot of bang for buck and floorspace.


MartyP 13.05.2019
I've been using this unit live for nearly two years as a replacement of my TC Gmajor 2.

- two simultaneous highly customizable delays with plenty of options for any taste
- solid and rugged build quality
- unbeatable at this price range

- artificial and bland sounding reverbs
- rather unintuitive user interface
- half a second of silence (loss of signal) when activating any of the effects (I read that this can be fixed with the firmware update, however, it did not change anything for me)
- midi cable for computer connectivity (it's not the 90s anymore...)
- looper activated by pressing both delay switches simultaneously presents a problem for people with large feet, I've frequently managed to turn on the looper, instead of activating just the delay.

In conclusion, I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs an excellent delay unit, however, if reverb is your go to effect, I would suggest looking elsewhere. At just over 200 euros, I can't think of any other processor that could compete with this unit.


Useful delays and EQ - not so happy with the reverb
Sprite Dreams 07.12.2021
I have been using the Ocean Machine since May 2019. I have set it up as a send effect from my mixer. It complements very well my MicroFreak, giving it a rich sound with stereo ping-pong delay and a bass boost by the pedal built-in equalizer.

On the other hand, none of the reverb types and their adjustments has me say wow. At all. Feeding it bass pulses (like 808 style) makes it chirp. My mixer's Lexicon reverb creates a proper woosh instead. It is just usable for polishing up dry sound but do not expect massive ambient soundscapes.

Note that the pedal has two inputs, suggesting that it does stereo processing. Unfortunately, it seems to sum the channels internally to mono. I guess it has these inputs only serve for connecting multiple sources.

The unit also has built-in looper. In my very limited experimentation with that, there is no exact way to keep it synched to the beat when it loops around (unless I missed if perhaps MIDI input allows such sync)

Build quality is average: the knob caps were not screwed tightly enough, they can fall off, but are easily screwed back on. During some period I experienced some freezes upon boot. I resolved it with some key combo pressed when plugging in. It has been without issue for 2 years since. I used the Thomann adapter for it, as it does not come with one in the box.


Outperforms price, but sounds are not beautiful
Synthesist A 03.01.2021
This pedal is so much more flexible and deep than it ever needed to be for this asking price. The ability to rearrange the signal path on the fly is very special, and the depth you can get into with just a bit of menu diving is unique. The build quality is very good. I appreciated the simplicity of the looper as well. It's really a very impressive piece of equipment for such a low price, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for versatility and multi-delay effects, along with a looper, on the cheap. However, I avoided using the majority of the reverbs and modulated delays, as they were so completely unbeautiful I found they really brought down the quality of my entire sound in a noticeable way, and I am really not a snob for these things. No particular algorithm on this machine was inspiring, musical or beautiful to me. I stuck to the most basic of the delays and enjoyed the looper while I had it. In the end, despite my appreciation for this pedal's versatility and depth on the programming side, I could never get used to the persistent mediocrity of the sound quality, which is, in the end, what mattered most. I did not keep mine.


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