Mono Cases The Betty Strap Short


Strap for guitars / basses

  • Integrated pocket for picks
  • Strap material: Sharkskin nylon with breathable neoprene on the underside
  • Material on the ends: Hypalon
  • Length is adjustable from 102 cm up to 117 cm
  • Padding: Memory foam
  • Width: 76 mm
  • Colour: Black
available since November 2015
Item number 374760
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Length 117 cm
Width 75 mm
Colour Black
Material Nylon
Finish Black
Special Features None
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Incredibly comfy!
Young-Bin 23.04.2016
I came across this strap while looking for some good quality straps as I recently bought a Harley Benton JB75 (very good instrument btw) which is a very heavy Jazz Bass.
At first I was ready to spend maybe around 70-80 euros for a strap that could work BUT then I came across this one.

Not only is it extremely comfy and built to last, it is nearly half the price of all those other big brand stuff made out of leather.

The lovely thing about this strap is that it balances out the weight of the instrument very well which is very nice for long periods of playing and on stage.
It also has a bonus feature where you can slip a pick in a socket on the strap for easy and quick access.
The padding on this strap (as you can see at a glance) is BIG! So great relief for the shoulders!

I had this strap for about 2 weeks and I can see that it's very durable.

Get this strap if you have a weak shoulder and/or you have a very heavy guitar or bass.
Also if you have the money to buy very 70-80 euros straps, then rather get this one and save money and quality.

Thanks again Thomann for great service and great line up of products for us to purchase! :)


I'm sticking with it for sure!
Anonymous 11.02.2016
Bought this to replace my really wide leather strap that was sticking into my neck. I play bass slightly lower than in sitting position and the "Short" version is plenty long! Be sure to measure your old strap to choose between long and short versions!

+ Doesn't get hot when you sweat on stage;
+ Doesn't stick to your shirt like leather does;
+ Distributes weight nicely (probably due to the memory foam) without being overly wide;
+ I dig the looks;
+ Looks like it can take a beating;
+ Leather free (good if you're a vegan);

- Metal rings can damage your guitar's finish;
- Huge MONO logo;
- Ends made of really soft material, which makes them stick outwards when standing;

The metal rings did beat up the finish on my bass, because I put the bass in the gigbag with the strap on, so you might want to take it off. I play a neck-heavy 5-string bass and the strap helps greatly, it even seems to have alleviated my left shoulder pains!
All in all - highly recommended as an alternative to leather straps, and in my opinion - a better alternative!


It's too long
Redone1 18.03.2020
It's way too long even on the shortest setting if you like to wear your bass high.
You either need to be quite tall or like to wear your instrument lower to use this strap.
The quality seems great though.


The Guitar Strap
Eray Polat 19.12.2021
I’ve been suffering from back pain for a while since playing a gig 2 times in a week. After a long research about straps, i decided to go for Mono. And result is great, no more pains!

Strap is strong and soft, so you don’t even feel it on your shoulder. That’s a very good thing if you play your guitar long hours while standing. I cannot imagine myself playing with another strap.

Be careful about the strap lenght before purchasing, there are 2 different lenghts.

This is the best strap that you can buy for the price; so comfortable and trustworthy. I totally recommend. Thanks a lot Mono!