Millenium SLS300 Lighting Stand


Lighting Stand

  • Quick to assemble
  • Including 3 m cross beam (pipe diametre 40 mm)
  • Ideal for mobile discotheques and solo entertainers
  • Maximum load capacity of the entire system: 25 kg
  • Maximum load per tripod: 18 kg
  • Minimum height: 1.20 m
  • Maximum height: 2.65 m
  • Transport length: 1.5 m
  • Weight of the complete system: 12 kg
  • The longest unit has a length of 1.50 m
  • Without fixing screws for attaching lamps to the crossbar
  • BIG Jr. Clamps. Art.Nr.481567 Ideal for attaching (Not included)
  • Colour: Black
available since June 2005
Item number 180075
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Truss Bundle
Component Telescope Stand
Color Black
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Room for improvement
Markbarl 26.05.2013
I purchased these as part of a bundle and while they are fine there are some things that could be improved. With the stands, mostly fine, however the cable that attaches the safety pins to the frame is cheap and if frayed would cut you. Spend slightly more for some more flexible cable and it would be a great product. With the truss, again the metalwork is good. A nice light aluminium frame. However, the plastic clamps are not great. The frame is stiff going into them and at least one split. They do come with spares though which I think is to give you a choice of how to assemble. Can't be sure though because it came with no instructions. It also has the same gripe about the wire attaching the safety bolts being cheap, stiff and nasty.


Nice value stand
James646 18.02.2015
If you are new to djing/home party setups this is a great piece of kit. This was the second every crossbar stand that I bought and it really does have the quality as one you would pay a couple of hundred for. I bought last minute for a charity event in the local football club due to my old crossbar stand breaking. Thomann are super fast at delivery. I ordered 3 days before event and it arrived the morning of event. I was nervous it would be bad quality but when I opened the box I was amazed. It was so well packaged and a very good weight it was pure metal.apart for a few clips It can be a bit complicated to assemble for the first time. I'd recommend an other person to really is a two man job. I didn't have that second person so it did take that little bit longer. But once I finally got the up. It looks great, it has a telescopic mechanism and can be set at a low height or a fairly high height but for safety I would recommend a safe height. I connected a few lights and away I went. I still have it to this day and I recommend this to every mobile dj


Great for use as a backdrop with lights.
Anonymous 11.03.2016
We use this for live shows and have mounted cans and disco style lights on it with never a problem. It's stable and is easy to set up once you get a good system going in the band!!

Pros: Stable, easy to set up and take down, can hold multiple cans and other lights. can take a decent amount of weight too as we had a banner attached to the stand also! Portable and fits neatly into the back of the van when disassembled. It's also light to carry.

Cons: Won't fit on smaller stages and takes up a bit of real estate on stages. Not a major thing but for a wedding band this may be an issue! The middle part gets jammed a little (I nearly lost a finger forcing it together one time but this was my own stupidity more than anything else).

Overall: Highly recommend to people looking for a decent light rig and banner stand!


Its a truss and it works well
Adiebeats 17.06.2020
Used it to hang a heavy fabric backdrop. Works very well. Good quality for what I use it for. Some reviews said the quality isn't good. I disagree. Maybe to hang heavy stage lights you might want to buy a better product but for backdrops, dj lights etc its perfect. This thing is huge when you have it set up full length so be prepared.