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Millenium QuiHead 14" Mesh Head


Double Layer Trigger Mesh Head

  • Diameter: 14"
  • Extremely durable and resistant mesh head
  • Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering
  • For acoustic drums and mesh head shells
  • Almost silent
  • Real touch
  • Tunable
  • Colour: White
Available since May 2016
Item number 381603
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Size 14"
Type Double Ply
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In stock

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162 Customer ratings

4.4 / 5

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81 Reviews

Decent for the price
Canis rufus 29.02.2020
I got Millenium Quiheads for my first shell set (1x 10", 2x 12", 1x 14", 1x 20") and later on two more sizes (1x 13", 1x16") for an additional floor tom and a new snare, to replace the regular heads with them for my home kit. Overall, they are a good purchase for their cost. Below is a detailed analysis:

1) Cost-effective: a good inexpensive alternative to the costlier mesh heads from bigger brands
2) Serve the purpose: extremely quiet heads. I play in my shared apartment, and never once did I get a complaint from my flat mates of being too loud.
3) Good fit: the fit matches the different desired drum sizes. The heads also have some headroom to allow for tuning high or low as per the rebound requirements.

1) Not very durable: these onesbreak/tear more easily than others. I have stopped using the bass drum mesh head since that one broke the most easily. Would not recommend if you are these ones if you are a heavy hitter.
2) Different rebound: the rebound is obviously not the same as what you would expect of a regular head, but that is the case with mesh heads generally.
3) Reduced sensitivity to triggers: I play with triggers in my home kit and get the audio output in my ears, and I feel that the triggers are a little less responsive with these mesh heads in comparison to others, thus forcing me to hit heavier, resulting in con#2 mentioned above.

Overall, it serves the purpose of making the kit silent, and is more pocket-friendly, provided you are not breaking them frequently.


Nice 'n Quiet
SeekerNL 02.04.2019
I'm using this mesh-head on the snare of my drum-kit in my living-room so my neighbors (and the visitors to the shops on the other side of the road) don't have fits every day.

They sure are nice 'n quiet and let me practice any time I want during the day. I was really surprised how hard I can hit them and still stay at reasonable sound-levels. The Summer is coming and I'm sure I can even practice with the windows opened.

They do need a LOT of stretching. Even after a month of being in use they still need to be tuned up every day. I wonder how long this will go on.

The bounce is actually better than I expected. Not as much as some of the reviews I watched beforehand made me fear they would. They are actually quite playable. Since these are my first mesh-heads I can't compare them to any other, but still, they suit my style of playing.

All-in-all a nice head, does what it was supposed to do and I'd buy one again, even if this one tears after a while.


Just an OK head
MiguelRob 23.05.2018
They are very cheap, but you are getting what you are paying for.

- Size: Correct size. You might think that it has no sense to discuss this point, but please, believe me when I say, that it would not be the first time that I get a head that somehow does not fit the drum hoop.
- Rebound: I will put it on the bouncy side. Not as real as a real drum head but not as bouncy as the single ply mesh head.
- Playability: It is just OK. You can tension it properly but it is not the best quality head on the market.
- Quality: Poor. Immediately after I tensioned it, I could see a rip going from one side to the other. I suspect that one of the plies reaped but It did not teared though.

As a summary, It is a just OK head, do not expect to get too much out of it, but at least, you might be able to substitute quality for quantity (for the price of one Roland you can get 4 of these).



High quality, double layered and a bit too bouncy
Grobocop 01.03.2018
Using these for my 2box bass e drum. I have used the one layered ones in the past and found these two layered ones a lot more long lasting.
They work really good, had to do a bit of tweaking on the module to make em work perfectly but that's what you have to do even when you change to a brand new mesh head of the same make.
The Millenium QuiHead double layered head is a bit more bouncy than the other one layered ones because of the higher tension two layers provide. Sorted out the bounciness by using the 2box ''tennis ball'' beaters.
The only thing that I don't like about the head is that it is white and since I use black beaters, there is a dark spot in the center of the head where the beaters contact the head. Not that this has anything to do with the quality or usability of the head, only the visual appearance.
Conclusion: Quality very good, well worth the money and playability good.