Millenium MPS-750X E-Drum Mesh Set

Including XLN Audio AD 2 Studio Rock

Including XLN Audio AD 2 Studio Rock

When you buy this product during the period through 30.06.2024 you will receive XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Studio Rock with a value of 77,00 EUR for free on top. After the shipping of your order you will receive the licence key as well as the download-link automatically send to you by e-mail.

Complete Electric Drum Set

  • Drum module with 20 presets and 20 user kits
  • 697 Sounds
  • 55 Songs
  • 4-Band EQ
  • Faders to control the volume of the pads, the effects or the equaliser
  • Line out (L/R)
  • Headphone outputs
  • Line in
  • USB
  • 2 Additional trigger inputs
  • Bluetooth
  • Required surface area: approx. 140 x 80 cm
  • Power adapter, cabling and sticks included

Set consisting of:

  • 10" Two-zone mesh snare pad
  • 3x 10" Two-zone mesh tom pads
  • 8" Mesh head kick pad
  • 13" x Hi-hat pad with controller
  • 12" Two-zone crash pad with stop function
  • 14" Three-zone ride pad with stop function
  • MPS-750X drum module

Included hardware:

  • Drumrack
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Foot pedal
Available since May 2020
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Incl. Rack Yes
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Incl. Footpedal Yes
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
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More is more

The Millenium MPS-750X E-Drum Mesh Set is a very robust e-drum set with a great deal of features that is completely equipped with mesh heads and invites you to experiment thanks to its numerous module functions. Almost 700 sounds and no less than four different types of effects, including distortion and compressor, are available for editing. The kit offers 20 preset drum kits, while another 20 can be freely assigned by the user. The set comes with 55 play-along songs for practising different styles, covering all imaginable genres such as Rock, Pop, Funk, Electro, Jazz, Latin and many more.

Millenium MPS-750X E-Drum Mesh Set

Sound manipulation in real time

The most striking feature of the Millenium MPS-750X is the fader section on the user interface, which features six sliders to allow real-time access to instrument volumes and effect intensity without the need to delve into confusing, complex submenus. It also comes with 15 song memory slots for recording your own patterns, which is significantly more than other e-drum kits in this price range have to offer. For expressive playing, the 14" ride pad has three trigger zones and - just like the 12" crash - a choke function that allows you to stop the decay like you would with an acoustic cymbal.

An invitation to experiment

Sound aficionados who enjoy experimenting with effects will get their money's worth with the MPS-750X. All sounds can be transposed over a wide range, enhanced with reverb or distortion, and edited with a compressor or four-band equaliser. 20 freely assignable user kits offer plenty of memory space for your own creations. If you want to upgrade the set later, you can also plug in two additional pads. The USB and MIDI interfaces ensure smooth communication with your computer and also allow access to external sound sources.

Connections on the MPS-750 drum module
Mesh pad with Millenium logo

About Millenium

Millenium is one of Thomann’s in-house brands and has been an integral part of the store’s range since 1995. More than 800 products – from drums and percussion through to accessories such as microphone stands, racks, and recording workstations – bear the Millenium label. These products are made by renowned companies who also manufacture products for other well-known brands. Since they are imported directly from the factory without any further distributors or sales companies, they can be sold at particularly attractive prices. Incidentally, one in every four Thomann customers has already purchased at least one Millenium product.

MPS-750X drum module

Endless possibilities

There are not many e-drum sets in the lower price range that allow drummers to tailor the sounds to their own needs. The Millenium MPS-750X is clearly the exception here. Not enough reverb on the snare? Would you like to have a slightly "dirtier" tom sound? Bass drum sounding too weak? Cymbals cutting through too much? No problem at all, because no matter which musical genre you favour, the MPS-750X has the right tools on board to adjust the sounds to your own preferences or even to "bend" them to extremes if you wish, and all of this can be done conveniently with the six sliders.

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185 Reviews

U do not need the basic module. U need a Superior Drummer 3.
Vitaliy K. 12.12.2021
Insane kit! Fow less than a 500 euros you receive all what you need to practice. Only one flaw - HH does not have a bell\edge 2 triggers. has only one.

Original module is OK, but when kit connected to PC with MIDI, so they unveil this strenght,
This kit need a manual setup their sensivity etc, do not expect a good sound from the box. But when you found your own settings - it will shine.

Anything better than this kit would cost a 1000+ euros and more, and only for 1500+ euro you will receive features like 2-3 zone HiHat and multizone snare.
So MPS-750X are best in slot for all non-professional drummers!


First drumkit, no experience, like it
pouzzler 29.04.2024
Four stars for quality, because the stand moves a bit too much, especially the leg that supports the snare, whose foot has a tendency to shift backwards, putting the leg at an angle. It's probably inevitable with these designs where all toms are affixed to one unique frame.
As a total beginner, who has made an impulse buy, I can't compare it to other heads, but the rebounds feel nice. Same for the kick, as a beginner, I have no comparison basis, it feels way too bouncy, but I suppose you couldn't do faster tempos if it wasn't, because your foot ain't gonna beat 300 times a minute.
I picked up drums to finally put some rhythm into myself, as I am atrocious. Therefore I could not really care less about having realistic sounds, yet what comes out of the headphones sounds like drums. No problems there. I tried a few different sounds, latin, jazz, rock, all sound good. Probably nitpickers are gonna nitpick, but this is not a pro set for a pro band :)
I have put 3 on features, because I only learn some rhythm (I know, repeating myself) - therefore I haven't tested anything on the sound module yet, except metronome, kit selection, and individual toms volume sliders.


Very many options for reasonable price
Alex Corghencea 05.11.2020
Home use for training and intend to record drum tracks on PC. Now I'm working on MIDI connection to PC to connect to VST drums plugin.

I really like the sensibility on snare and toms, it has range and starts with at very low hits surprisingly, very natural.
Separated hihat and kick drum feels like acoustic set which is perfect for a beginner.
All mesh pads are 2 zoned and also the cymbals. The ride has 3 different sounds.
Construction is ok, its stable.
Assembly was fun :) Everything makes sense.
Playability is very similar to a beginner acoustic set.
Pads are ok by size and also the cymbals.
Also included metronome and track are nice feature.

Sensibility on hihat is ok, but on low hits has no trigger.
Sounds in module are poor but does the job for training and for play along with songs.
Has a Bluetooth feature but not for BT headphones which is a bit sad, it has some feature to connect phone but didn't tried it yet.
Cant figure out how to setup MIDI connection to PC, device appears but is not identified in DAW, requires some more research and troubleshooting, maybe I'm missing something.

I have them for 2 days and I am delighted. Fun to play. They look amazing, look like grownup and not a kid setup and feels quality. Hope I will figure out MIDI connection. Cant wait to hear in VST with huge sample libraries.


Mancunian 09.08.2021
I use this drum for some silent recording in the bedroom. I'm a acoustic player, and still play acoustic drums, but i use this one for some silent playing, reheasing, practice.

The setup was pretty straight forward. had it setup in about 40 minutes. The hardware is descent, but the triggers are a bit below what i expected. Sensitivity is not that great on the pads, same with the cymbals, and the trigger for the hi hat isn't great either. You can work around lots of these issues by adapting your playing, and when recording to midi you can edit the errors in the recording, however, this takes up some time that could be spent on other things.

For beginners however, this is great. It's cheap, doesn't make too much noise, you have bluetooth for pairing with your phone, the built in sounds are "ok" for practice.

So in conclusion, for the money, it's a great kit. Will a kit that's double as expensive be double as good, it probably will be, but does everybody need it, no.

If you want to start drumming and do some light recording, this is great if you're willing to spend the time to correct your recordings and tune every skin to your preference. I consider this good value for money.