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Millenium 6-Micstand Bag


Gig Bag For Up To 6 Microphone Stand

  • Bag is 100 cm deep and has a cross section of 30 cm
  • 6 Separate inner compartments, so that the the stands do not damage each other
Available since June 2006
Item number 193647
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type Bag
Max. Number of Stands 6
max. Stand Length 1000 mm
Shoulder Strap No
IP protection class Water repellent
Trolley No
Wheels No
Outside Width 1020 mm
Outside Depth 310 mm
Outside Hight 310 mm
Inside Width 1000 mm
Inside Depth 300 mm
Inside Height 300 mm
Padding 1
Material Nylon
Colour Black
Weight 2,4 kg
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In stock within about one week

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826 Reviews

Fantastic Value for Money
Anonymous 16.06.2016
When I received this Microphone Bag I didn't really know what sort of quality to expect from it. I have had many bags over the years and some have been okay and some have been terrible. This is by far the best bag I have ever bought to carry microphone stands. I also use this bag to carry my Sub to Top poles and my base of my music stand.

The material is of a very high quality and you can see that it is built for use on the road and for gigging. The material also makes the product look very professional.

The Zip is very good and due to it being a large Zip it never gets caught or kinks. This is useful when tidying away at the end of a long night so that nothing gets broken.

The base of the bag is very strong and I feel that it couldn't get broken easily.

The carrying hand is of a strong construction and is attached so that it can survive coming in and out of vehicles.

All in all this bag is a fantastic product and I would recommend anyone that is using a few mic stands have one.


The workmanship can be better!
Egor Satyshev 12.12.2020
When I purchased this bag, I was delighted with the comfort of carrying the mic stands. I used the bag primarily for travel to recording sessions at various venues: concert halls, restaurants, clubs, etc.
After a year of not very active use, the fabric began to flake off at the junction with the zipper. And in the end, a through hole appeared along the sides under the zipper. I saw that the fabric itself began to crumble, threads began to fall out.
An interesting note is that on the opposite side, where there is no zipper, everything is fine with the fabric. The main weight of the microphone stands fell on this side of the bag. (The bag was in an upright position during long-term storage)
Let me summarize. Excellent usability. Comfortable soft handle - does not rub your hand. However, the workmanship is poor. If the fabric at the junction with the zipper was sewn with a large overlap, then this problem would not have arisen. Thanks for attention!


Strong and worth every penny!
irfrench 22.01.2016
I don't know why - but cymbal stands and mic stands are THE most painful thing in the world to carry.

No longer true - well, the cymbal stands are still.

I use the stands-bag to keep stands together when storing and to keep crushing my hands when transporting to/from recording sessions. You can fit in more than 6 if you are lucky and I am 100% sure that the bag can take the extra weight. The zip is really high quality and the handle equally so.

When comparing to other equivalents (not THAT common) this bag seemed really good value - if it were built well. I took a punt and not unlike other Thomann/Millenium products this ended up being really solid and just simply great value.

If I ever need to expand my mic-stand collection the cost of one of these will be part of the budget.

In short - I highly recommend this if you want to organise your stands or regularly suffer the pain of carrying multiple stands at once.


Brilliant bag to save your stands
Solitaire 28.03.2022
For the price, these are outstanding. Really well made, tough material with internal sections save your mic stands fro getting scratched and dented.