Millenium MCT-20


Professional Cable Tester

  • LED error indicator
  • Battery testing LED
  • Logical and unambiguous LED indicator
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 11.5 x 6.3 x 19 cm
  • Incl. measuring tips
  • Note: Operates with 9V battery (not included)

Usable for the following cables:

  • XLR symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • Jack 6.3 mm
  • Jack 3.5 mm
  • 4-Pin and 8-pin speaker twist
  • RCA
  • DIN connector (5-pin)
  • CAT5 (ethernet)
Available since April 2009
Item number 223637
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Cable Tester Yes
Level Meter No
Speaker Tester No
Software No
Type Cable Tester
Container Size 1
Packaging unit Piece
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There for you in a pinch

Why is this cable tester so popular? Because when something goes wrong, as things often do, it's there to the rescue. The Millenium MCT-20 has an outstanding number of connector types at the ready. However, should there be a type which is not covered, the contact testers, which are already included in the scope of delivery, can help. Even CAT5 cables and speaker-twist connections in two variations can be easily checked, which sets this tool apart from many others. Those who mainly check long, permanently installed cables should take a look at the separable Millenium MCT-30. Operation is simple, as two virtually self-explanatory LED light rows illuminate the way through the cable jungle. Only a standard 9 V block battery has to be inserted beforehand.

top of the Millenium MCT-20 with two measuring tips

Test, test, test

The Millenium MCT-20 cable tester offers a lot of simple testing options. For those who want to know exactly, here are the details: In addition to 6.3 and 3.5 mm jack cables, RCA, three-pin and five-pin XLR cables, three, five, seven, and eight-pin DIN plugs as well as four and eight-pin speaker-twist connections can be checked, not to mention seven-pin and eight-pin CAT-5 cables. Still need more? With the contact tester, you can quickly go through each cable. Before testing, move the rotary switch to Battery Check to check the internal battery. Then connect one end of the cable to the left and the other end to the right side of the tester so that when you turn to the desired wire number, you can see at a glance whether the signal arrives at the other end of the cable and on which pin. That's it.

sockets for different cables on the cable tester Millenium MCT-20

For problem solvers

For professional repairs, cable checks, and soldering work, this tester offers solidly made sockets so that your hands are free to track down a broken cable, for example. The device does not stop at adapters and unbalanced jack and XLR cables. It is robust enough for everyday touring and sits on secure rubber feet in the FOH position. For sound engineers, a cable tester is an indispensable tool. In addition, the bright housing of this model pays off in live operation, as it is easy to see in the show light of darkened locations. Laymen will benefit from the practically self-explanatory operation. In fact, the operation is so simple that it is easy to remember, even with infrequent use.

Information on the Millenium MCT-20

About Millenium

Millenium is one of Thomann’s in-house brands and has been an integral part of the store’s range since 1995. More than 800 products – from drums and percussion through to accessories such as microphone stands, racks, and recording workstations – bear the Millenium label. These products are made by renowned companies who also manufacture products for other well-known brands. Since they are imported directly from the factory without any further distributors or sales companies, they can be sold at particularly attractive prices. Incidentally, one in every four Thomann customers has already purchased at least one Millenium product.

side of the cable tester Millenium MCT-20

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947 Reviews

Excellent product. But the battery compartment DOH!
Simoof 12.08.2015
OK at first I thought this is the worst designed battery compartment ever. It did not make contact with the terminals well enough to keep contact. I was about to return it when I tried one last time. This time I pushed in and down and I heard a click... and now I think its the best designed battery compartment ever. In and down.
Well this is a must tool for any tech, sound engineer or musician if you are a sole traveller. Bands, buy one. At this price its the cheapest of its kind. But the quality of the unit is unbelievable. This is a tank.
Plug one end of the cable into the correct socket. Plug the other end to the correct socket for it. And config seems to be catered for. Turn the switch to the numbers. The corresponding light will light up. Now you will need to know a little about how your cables should be wired but for guitar leads and balanced xlr, 1 to 1 , 2 to 2 and 3 to 3 should be the norm.
If the connectors are not standard, you can even use the supplied probes to test continuity. It beeps. So no need to hold the probes steady to glance at a light.

With connectors in place, shake the cable whilst testing and you will see if theres a break.

Now it is not going to fix your cables, but it will tell you which ones are good to use and which ones need to go to the repair man or the bin.

Its big and bulky to allow for speakon cables. It is worth every penny.

All you need is a 9v battery. It even has a built in battery check.


Low cost but reasonable quality... 17.01.2022
When I was extending my studio I needed to create a very stable dual network - one for audio (AVB) and one for control of the Presonus equipment.

This device helped me no end in ensuring the network connectors were satisfactory as I fitted them and then tested them with this unit.

There are many other cable test features on this unit and for the money it worked well (and still is) for our studio environment where you can get cables creating problems at any time.

Low cost answer to find those dodgy cables, but it is one that does work.



Solid tool.
Upfull 24.02.2022
Robust build with great functionality. Must have in the tool box for diagnosing faulty cables and at a great price!


Great value for money.
Noah Otiende 21.11.2021
Looking for a cable tester that works wonders? Look no further. The built quality is great. For the price, I can say you get value for money.