Millenium IR-2022


Professional 19" Rack

  • Usable height: 22 U
  • With lockable door in front and back
  • Solid steel construction
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 x 600 x 1139 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable cage nuts: Article Nr 263174 (not included)
available since January 2015
Item number 351449
sales unit 1 piece(s)
usable height in U 22 U
Material Steel
Wheels Yes
Special Design No
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Good Rack
Andrea81 10.08.2017
Good design.
Looks professional.

- I would have preferred glass on the door instead of plastic.
- Instructions are totally different from the reality. I spent a lot of time to understand how to assemble it.
- In the instructions it is not clear what kind of bolts and where you should use. I found myself lost in the last part as I remained with different kind of bolts for the rack bars.
- It comes in 2 heavy parcels, you will really need help to carry on this rack to your studio, especially if you are not on the ground floor.
- I do not like the part where the instructions inform to avoid direct contact with the wheels to the wood floor as it could be leave tracks you won't remove. I think that it is possible to find different wheels as I am using for my office chair that avoid that situation.
- I would have included M6 cage nuts as well. I had to order them apart from other suppliers.
- Cooler fans are not included.


Be careful with this...
NetRack 23.04.2022
I ordered this rack to serve as a repository for my network gear. The build quality is OK and it's attractive enough to be used as (bachelor) furniture, much like an AV rack. Assembly isn't difficult, though several screw holes were not aligned correctly and required some finessing to fit. There are, however, several issues:

1) The most serious is the width of the unit. Adam Hall 3U Ergo drawers fit without problem, but Adam Hall 1U pull out rails are so tight that the drawer is difficult to pull out, requiring two hands. HP switches fit as do APC UPS, but Ubiquiti switches require about 3mm of filing to widen the space where they're mounted. This is the main reason I can only give this unit three stars.

2) The fan mounting holes don't fit the spacing of any of the fans I've tried (and that's quite a number). However, cable access to the fan area is good and the height allocated to the fan area is generous, though a more substantial hole lattice would aid in airflow.

3) Some screws were missing (M6x15mm, Philips) and some are superfluous (M6 hex head). The parts listing in the assembly manual (provided in German and English) is correct.

4) There are a couple place in the rack that if a screw falls the rack needs to be disassembled to retrieve it.

5) A key is always required to open the back door.

At this price some compromises are to be expected and if the width issue were resolved or if by good fortune all your equipment fits I could easily recommend this rack.


Damaged hinge pins
lewisl 01.08.2019
Hinge pins on rear door damaged. Weak spot. Very slow customer service reluctant to resolve this issue. Had to arrange my own local repair.


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Passez votre chemin...
fricou 05.08.2019
Attention cette baie 19 pouce ne fais pas réellement 19 pouce de large (dans la version que j'ai eu en tout cas car en comparant avec d'autres évaluation j'ai bien des passage de câble). Autrement dit si vous avez des équipements de plus de 44,5cm de larges j'ai le regret de vous informer qu'ils ne rentreront pas. Domage pour un rack studio "pro"...
Si toutefois vous la commandez n'espérez pas compter sur la notice pour le montage elle est pour le moins succincte et en allemand. Voici les conseil que je peux donner : les vis 6 pans vont au dessus pour les 4 plus gros, en bas pour les 12 autres, les vis cruciforme servent à l’intérieur et attention à bien vérifier que la fente dans le montant soit sur l'extérieur elle sert pour les serrures.
J'ai également pu noter qu'il manquait des vis (apparemment ce n'est pas la première fois que ça arrive).
Bref, si j'avais de l'argent à jeter je la renverrais à Thomann pour me faire rembourser cependant vu ce que ça risque de me couter pour deux colis de 30Kg !
J'ai écris au SAV on verra la suite qui est donné cependant je ne peux que vous la déconseiller.