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Millenium HD-50 E-Drum Set


Electric Drum Set

  • Compact entry-level electric drum set
  • Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand
  • Connections: Headphone jack, USB, AUX in
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 75 x 50 x 100 cm

Pads and hardware:

  • 1 Snare pad
  • 3 Tom pads
  • 2 Cymbals
  • 1 Hi-hat pad
  • 1 Hi-hat controller pedal
  • Bass drum pad - integrated into the stand

Properties of the sound module:

  • 193 Percussion / drum sounds
  • 10 Permanently set drum sets and 1 freely programmable drum set
  • Sensitivity
  • Threshold
  • Velocity curve
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal Yes
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads No
Pads (Stereo) No
Number of Direct Outs 0
Item number 297858
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Available immediately

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Compact and very affordable

The Millenium HD-50 E-Drum Set is the most affordable way to acquire an electronic drum kit complete with drum pads, cymbals, and foot pedals. Every component, including the bass drum pad and hi-hat controller, is attached to a central stand, minimizing space requirements and eliminating the need to worry about tangled cables. With almost 200 sounds and an impressive selection of drum kits, the HD-50 can certainly hold its own against more expensive models. The HD-50 can also be connected to a computer via USB and access a wealth of additional sound libraries from there.

A full kit with a wide selection of sounds

With five drum pads, two cymbals, and a hi-hat, the HD-50 includes everything you need to start playing drums. The bass drum pad is integrated into the stand and triggered by a pedal and beater, which feels similar to playing an acoustic bass drum – an important feature if you wish to switch to an acoustic drum set at some point. 193 sounds, 10 preset drum kits (plus one freely programmable kit), and 10 play-along songs have been provided by the developers. An audio input for connecting external sound sources has also been provided.

Everything you need to get started

The Millenium HD-50 is the ideal companion if you want to start playing drums without having to spend a fortune. For a sum that many drummers would spend on a crash cymbal alone, it has everything you need to start taking your first steps. With the HD-50, budding drummers can immediately practice what they have learned during their lessons. Playing to one’s own favourite tunes is also a breeze thanks to the Aux In socket, and of course, a recording function is provided so that those grooves, ideas, and arrangements can be spontaneously recorded and played back.

About Millenium

Millenium is one of Thomann’s in-house brands and has been an integral part of the store’s range since 1995. More than 800 products – from drums and percussion through to accessories such as microphone stands, racks, and recording workstations – bear the Millenium label. These products are made by renowned companies who also manufacture products for other well-known brands. Since they are imported directly from the factory without any further distributors or sales companies, they can be sold at particularly attractive prices. Incidentally, one in every four Thomann customers has already purchased at least one Millenium product.

Plug & play – it doesn’t get any simpler

It takes no more than 20 minutes to set up the HD-50 – and the basic operating steps can be mastered almost as quickly. To get started right away, all you need is a pair of drumsticks and a pair of headphones or an amplifier – and you are ready to explore the ten preset drum kits, both electronic and acoustic, and the various percussion sounds. Ten songs of different genres invite you to play along, and if you want to accompany the latest radio hit, all you have to do is connect your smartphone or another sound source to the control module.

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Millennium HD-50E Drum set
Anto slev 12.08.2019
Bought this for my 8 year old son to get him started on the drums( he can make as much noise as he wants with disturbing the whole house🤣🤣) but I have to say what an extremely high quality set. Simple to set up and use for a learner. Also I have use it with our band on a few occasions when we have played in a very tight space. Great sound off them when plugged through a pa system, and also very handy for using in a rehearsal setting. I think I use it more than my son. Oops. Nice selection of different drum kits also
And the drum click is great for keeping time while learning to play. Also the aux plug in is a real benefit too when learning new songs or just for playing along with your favourite songs
Only draw back is that there should be an option to control the drum volumes individually. Cymbal can be a little stronger than the rest. And a separate volume for the aux would be a great addition too.Apart from that well worth a purchase. And as always delivered in a very short space of time and with no issues. Well done again thomann.


absolutely great.
Peter R. 438 21.12.2020
The sound from this small kit far surpasses my expectations.
I did drums in bands in the 80's and 90's, real drums, not electric. Yes Im recycling my ability , 40 yrs later, so this settup works a treat for me.
Enjoying it lots and the cost against my pension is OK so far. R&R, Im back!


Good set to learn with
Robert Smyth 20.12.2020
I'm new to learning drums and before spending money on an expensive set of drums , I'd thought I would begin learning with an electrical kit , so I don't disturb anyone during my journey into drums. They are okay for me , I do see myself eventually upgrading to something bigger or traditional . The only negative things I can say at this time , one of the toms sometimes makes the sound of the high hat very soft and low in the background , not always but sometimes sometimes. I'm still looking on ways to connect to a drum amp but I think my only option is USB to computer , but I'm still discovering.


Ok for your first electronic drum kit.
Mwahh 15.04.2021
I bought this for my 8 year old son. And it is serving quite well. It is more than a toy, but not quite sufficient as an instrument for a music hobbyist.

- everything works
- easy to assemble
- easy to operate for a kid
- wide selection of sounds
- usb connectivity: I can connect the kit via usb to my macbook pro, and it maps correctly to logic pro drum kits
- The hi-hat is way too loud
- There is no way to adjust the level of each drum. There's only the master volume

However, for the price, this is ok.


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