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Millenium H5A Hickory Sticks -Wood-


American Hickory Drumsticks

  • Size: 5A
  • Wooden tips
  • Length: 410 mm
  • Body diameter: 14 mm
  • Shoulder diameter: 6 mm
  • Tip length: 13 mm
Material Hickory
Nylon Head No
Tip oval
Length in mm 410 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 14,0 mm
Weight in g 53,0 g
Item number 147207
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Great sticks for the price
nkovac 10.05.2021
I would say you get 80-90% of high-end sticks for much less money.
When you buy more pairs, you can identify that not all wood is of the same quality, so the sticks are not perfectly the same visually. They are probably not all of the same sturdiness either. Compared to some other budget sticks these are really better for the price.
I couple of pairs and did not run into arched sticks or sticks that bend with playing. Wood is really hard, and wears similarilly to "big name" sticks.
A great buy.


Inexpensive and well balanced.
Anonymous 23.11.2015
I find these perfect for my electronic drums. I personally really like the weight and feel of these much more than many others that I've tried.

One minor negative: the Millenium logo wears off on them quite quickly due to sweat but that's just a cosmetic issue. As for the overall quality of the wood, I can't fault them.

I wouldn't say they're the best sticks in the entire world but they are certainly worth every penny for the price and if you're trying to experiment with a stick size that suits you, you can't go wrong with these.

Will be trying the 7A's next.

EDIT: After trying several other brands I've found these to be quite slippy in comparison. They have a very smooth finish, but that could be a good thing for you.


Drumstricks I am taking lessons with
MMihai3 09.02.2017
I used these sticks for quite a while now, at home, on the electronic drums, also for taking drum lessons on acoustic drumsets. They did their job, they did not break, just one stick flaked on the cymbal contact area, also part of its tip fell off, from its side. The other stick is just fine.

Pros: these sticks are afordable, drum sticks need changing, anyway.

Cons: defects in one of the pair.

Note: I am not drumming a lot and never played the drums live.


Really good value for money.
eddiehimself 09.11.2018
These are excellent value for money, easily as good as your Vaters or Vic Firths, just not as much to pay! Back when I used to play the acoustic drums I used to be a bit of a hard hitter, so being confident that I could hammer away and not have to worry too much about the cost of snapped sticks was really good news.


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