Millenium GS-2012


Adjustable Stand

  • For electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments
  • Sturdy and compact when folded
  • Flexible adjustable width (up to 24 cm) and adjustable support surface (from 8 cm up to 13 cm)
  • Material: Plastic with rubberised coating

Note: Not suitable for guitars with nitro varnish.

Available since January 2013
Item number 299590
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Material Wood, Plastic
Type For one instrument
Suitable For: Universal
For Guitars With Pyroxylin Varnish No
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In stock

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459 Reviews

Dangerous for a guitar!
Zman 14.03.2022
The quality at first seemed to be great and the stand is very compact and portable. When I placed my guitar onto the stand, it seemed like it held it pretty firmly. It seemed to hold my guitar almost better than my regular stands.

BUT, after 3 minutes I heard a loud BANG! My $2000 Ibanez JS hit the ground and was dented. I could not believe my eyes.

At first I (wrongly!) thought I might have placed my guitar onto the stand a bit carelessly. I inspected the stand for a couple of minutes and could not find the obvious problem with it and could not understand why my guitar fell from it. I thought it must have been my error. But I was wrong.

Now I placed my guitar EXTREMELY carefully onto the stand, tried to rock it left and right, in every direction to see if it would slip and fall and I made sure that my guitar was sitting safely on the stand.

Now it seemed like it was rock solid.

3 minutes later - ANOTHER BANG! And another dent...

Then I realized that the problem was that a plastic body of the stand is not firm enough, it is too flexible. It starts to warp/bend slowly under the weight of a guitar (And btw Ibanez JS is not the heaviest guitar out there), you don't even notice it. But it keeps warping and bending, very sloowly, its' legs start spreading further and further away, while your guitar slowly slides to side and at one moment it just slips and falls onto the ground.

Maybe it could work on a carpeted floor, which would prevent its' legs from spreading apart, but on a hard floor - no chance.

Extremely dissatisfied and frustrated.


As good as any
chrisie friday 17.12.2021
Just tried this out .Yes it cost £6.60 I bought you pay the 8.00 postage its still great value.
It's very well packaged and would make a great Christmas present.They fit in my gig bags of my Harley benton gs travel and Fender newporter.
I have just tried the guitars on them.I have a HB 35plus And a HB jaguar,I'm not even going to try them on these stands.I would not trust them in a gig don't think they would be stable enough and you may forget them as there not sure how long they will last?but 6.50 it's worth a punt.Remember these cost 6.50.For that price I can't be critical.But they are great to park your axe on if you want a break.If it falls to bits after a year its no big deal.It you want something better,pay more money.It not rocket science. Good value,well built,if its it not good enough for you don't buy it.ive just order a further 5 for some friends.Take no notice of any negatives.This is a great product at fantastic price.There are identical product ot the market at double the price.I have just ordered a further 3 for friends.take no notice of these who are very critical,these are the best little stand for the money.If you do break one it's no great deal.Its just as easy to bust a dearer one.If you own a expensive axe again that's up to you.i dont,mine are work horses.


Has it's uses but not universal
Anonymous 12.01.2016
I bought this stand because I was intrigued by the design and it looked like it could be easily carried around. The plan was to use it for live shows to hold an electric Strat shaped guitar.

While the shape is really cool and the folding mechanism is a really good idea, there are a couple of cons that prevent me from rating this higher:
- The stand is flimsy and does not look like it would survive much beating and being careful with portable guitar stand is not what I was planning
- The fold out procedure is very easy to get wrong and if you apply a little too much force while opening from the wrong end, well mine doesn't quite close fully anymore.
- The guitar slides and while this isn't a problem if you set it carefully, it is impossible to just quickly set it on the stand like you do with a metal one

To sum up, it is a good portable stand if you are very careful with it and, well, this is the type of equipment you don't want to worry about. For my use, a metallic stand from Millenium is a miles better deal.


Not great
Eggos 07.12.2017
Unfortunately, Millenium missed the mark with this one. The stand is of very poor quality. Composed of all plastic, the stand is wobbly, and difficult to place your guitar on. I bought it for gigs but I couldn't trust my guitars on this stand even at home. The only real pro this stand has going for it is it's portability or form factor. It's super light, folds up very nicely and is great to bring along with you wherever you're going, but it just doesn't hold your guitar very well, which defeats the purpose of it being a guitar stand I guess. Although it might be against your preferences for a giggable guitar stand, I do highly recommend buying something made of steel or metal to host your guitars on during gigs. I feel like a gust of wind would blow this over. You can even see how hollow the insides are. It's just cheap plastic. Shipping and delivery were great though. Fast, prompt and well packaged, with tracking information provided by email. Thomann appear to be very reliable and although this particular stand isn't their best offering, I can vouch for Thomann as a company and service.

Poor stand Millenium but good job Thomann!