Millenium Focus 20 Drum Set Red


Complete Drum Set

  • Focus Series
  • Especially suitable for ambitious beginners
  • Drum shells feature a wrap finish
  • Muffling cushion for the bass drum and tom/snare sound control rings
  • Colour: Red
  • Includes a drum throne

Drum shell set includes:

  • 20" x 16" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 08" Tom Tom
  • 12" x 09" Tom Tom
  • 14" x 14" Floor Tom
  • 14" x 5.5" Wooden snare drum

Includes a double-braced hardware set:

  • Straight cymbal stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Snare stand
  • Bass drum pedal

Includes a brass cymbal set:

  • 14" Hi-Hat
  • 16" Crash/Ride
available since December 2020
Item number 495987
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Drum size 20"
Number of TomToms 2
Number of Floor Toms 1
Shell Material Poplar
Finish Foiled
Color Red
Sparkle No
Fade No
Burst No
Color Shellhardware Chrome
Incl. Snare Yes
Incl. cymbals Yes
Incl. Hardware Yes
Incl. Seat Yes
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Unbox and get started!

The Millenium Focus 20 Drum Set Red gives ambitious young drum talents everything they need to start playing their first beats "out of the box", so they can start drumming immediately after the kit has been unpacked, set up, and tuned. In addition to the five-piece shell set, two cymbals (14" hi-hat and 16" crash/ride), all of the necessary stands including a hi-hat stand, a bass drum foot pedal, and a drum stool are included in the scope of delivery. Almost sensational in this price range is the stable, double-braced hardware and an extremely useful accessory set with a damping pillow for the bass drum, four sound rings for the snare drum and tom-toms, and a first pair of drumsticks.

Low budget, high performance

The features and accessories of the Millenium Focus 20 Drum Set Red are impressive! The hi-hat and bass drum pedals feature a durable chain drive, and the bass drum beater comes with a felt and plastic beater surface. The tom suspension does not have holes in the shells, which not only looks more elegant, but also improves the vibration behaviour of the drums. And the included sound rings can muffle the overtones of the snare and toms and reduce their decay. This makes the sound a bit duller, quieter, and more controlled - often an advantage, especially in smaller rooms. The same applies to the included bass drum pillow: On the one hand, it eliminates the often unwanted, high-frequency "boing" sound when hitting an unmuffled bass drum; on the other hand, depending on the positioning and alignment, both the batter and the resonant head can be muffled. This gives the sound more punch and improves the playing feel with the pedal.

First companion

The Millenium Focus 20 Drum Set Red is primarily aimed at young people and adults who want to get a first taste of the world of drumming without having to empty their bank account. At an extremely reasonable price, it offers solid basic equipment with a versatile shell configuration, great looks, and useful add-ons. The aforementioned sound rings make life a lot easier for beginners who don't yet have the greatest experience in tuning a drum kit. Of course, it is recommended that players acquire basic tuning skills over time, but for now there is simply more time to practise and play.

About Millenium

Millenium is one of Thomann’s in-house brands and has been an integral part of the store’s range since 1995. More than 800 products – from drums and percussion through to accessories such as microphone stands, racks, and recording workstations – bear the Millenium label. These products are made by renowned companies who also manufacture products for other well-known brands. Since they are imported directly from the factory without any further distributors or sales companies, they can be sold at particularly attractive prices. Incidentally, one in every four Thomann customers has already purchased at least one Millenium product.

Be a pop star!

With a bass drum in the popular 20-inch size and toms in sizes of 10", 12", and 14", the Millenium Focus 20 Drum Set Red is a real all-rounder. No matter whether you are playing Funk, Soul, or R&B, the limits are rather dictated by your own skills and not so much by the equipment. Long before that first live gig or recording session, however, your skills must first be developed, and the Millenium Focus 20 is perfect for this. At the same time, this set does not need to be hidden away in the basement practice room. With its timeless red shells, the discreetly stylish Millenium logos, and the chromed hardware, it visually upgrades every rehearsal room. Compared to the Focus 22, the Focus 20 also scores points with its slightly smaller space requirement.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. von Ramses XVII. 20.09.2022
Auf HolzBoden rutschen alle Teile beim Spielen. Ich habe die Bassdrum an die Wand gestellt und alle Teile am Hocker festgebunden, das Bassdrum Pedal hält. Der Klang der Toms und des Beckens ist meiner Meinung nach nich der absolute Knüller aber die PreisKlasse ist ja auch entsprechend. Man kann ja auch andere Felle aufziehen. Stabilität der Komponenten ist gut. Für die snare und das Becken ist kein Schutz vor dem Gewinde vorhanden, sodass Gewinde und Becken aneinander reiben, was mit der Zeit das Becken kaputt macht, ist aber ein bekanntes Problem. Beim CrashBecken kann man einfach die Tülle umdrehen, sodass das Rohr nach oben zeigt und das Becken drauflegen, dann schützt das Rohr das Becken vom Gewinde, dann kann die Schraube nur bis zur Tülle angezogen werden. Es kann dann jedoch passieren, dass das Becken sich unterhalb der Schraube verhakt, wenn der Ausschlag vom Becken hoch genug ist. Beim oberen snareBecken muss man einen Schlauch auf das Gewinde stecken oder z.B. Papier um das Gewinde wickeln. Viel Platz ist zwischen Gewinde und Becken halt nicht, und ich habe das Problem, dass sich ab und zu die Schraube, die das obere snareBecken hält, löst, diese lässt sich mangels Platz auch recht schwer richtig fest ziehen, sie ist auch mit einer RohrZange nicht dauerhaft festzuziehen. Es sind zwei Muttern notwenig, damit es hält (KonterMutter)


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Wiki 4 02.04.2021
Za ty peníze super bicí ,super obchod ,solidní jednání.


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freed17 14.09.2021
Produit conforme à la description !
Une petite erreur dans le carton avec du matos en double et 1 manquant mais Thomann a un Sav efficace !
Ma fille est ravie !
Je recommande pour un (ou une) débutant(e)