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Millenium BS-1100


Sturdy Monitor Stand

  • Tripod construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable rubber feet and spikes for balance compensation on uneven surfaces
  • Height: 740 - 1140 mm
  • Dimensions of the supporting surface: 230 x 230 mm
  • Side length per foot: 26 cm
  • Max. load bearing capacity: 30 kg
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
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Great Monitor Stands
Schengis 28.06.2019
I'm currently using these stands to prop up a pair of Adam T7Vs, which certainly aren't the smallest monitors you can buy. So far I haven't had any issues regarding stability or support.

One of the nice things is that you can manually change the height of each individual foot to deal with potentially uneven flooring. I personally wouldn't use the foam sticky pads that come with the stands, but that's just my opinion. I opted to buy some acoustic foam pads to manage the vibrations a bit better.

- Stable, adjustable, quiet
- Can fit into most corners of any room
- The mount can swivel into your ideal position

- Feet feel a little bit weak
- Swivel mount has come loose if not tightened well
- Crappy sticky foam pads (would just throw away)

All in all I would recommend these stands to anyone looking for a set. They do their job and are quite adjustable and stable.

Very satisfied with my purchase.


Does the job, but not the best build quality
Kambotron 14.08.2021
I got these stands since they go a bit lower and I don't have to tilt my monitors to get them to point straight at me. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and do the job well.

I had an issue with both stands though, the threads for the rubber
feet are not correct - the feet can't screw in till the end, so I had to measure how long the feet stick out in order to make sure that the stand is standing straight. I don't mind having to deal with this, but the fact is, the quality control wasn't the best.


A very 4 star product
t4tris 21.06.2020
The bottom could use a fourth foot for perfect stability. With big monitors, you can have a lot of weight on top of not a lot of foot if you're not careful.
The adjustment mechanism can be awkward as there's nothing from keeping you from rotating the top part's holes out of alignment of the bottom part's spring loaded pin. If it's the knob that ultimately holds the parts solidly against each other, why not just make the holes on the shaft bigger, so it's easier to align?
The build quality overall is slightly crude, but as far as I can tell it's only an aesthetic concern. Corners aren't sharp or anything.

Otherwise they're perfect for the purpose of holding monitors.


Very sturdy stands
THE stands 09.06.2018
If you are a DJ or a producer who need's monitors on good quality and strong stands then these are perfect for you.

I have four of these. Two for my Yamaha MS8 (for production) and two for my Worfedale E30 (for DJing).

In the box you will get:

1x Manual
1x Imbus screw for the plate
1x Imbus screw for the stand
3x Adjustable nuts
3x Feet shaped as a cone
3x Feet with plastic coating
4x Fomas with glue coating
1x Small size imbus
1x Large size imbus


The stand is very sturdy if you bump into this stand it won't fall easily but be cearful not to hit it to hard.

The legs shaped as Y helpes positioning the stand to the corner of your wall and take up little space.

The feet have a plastic coating are adjustable.

You also get feet shaped as a cone to lower the vibration from the monitors.

Easly adjustable hight.

Packaged with manual, tools and screws and easy to assemble.


Adjusting the position for the monitors can be a bit tricky because you need to face them to your ears. I advice to use a meter.


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