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M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal


Expression Pedal

M-Audio's EX-P Expression control pedal works with all M-Audio MIDI controllers that have an Expression Pedal Input. A built-in polarity switch ensures compatibility with most other control devices and other brand keyboards. With the EX-P, volume, modulation, panning, filter sweep and more can be controlled. Durable design with connection cable.

  • Switchable
  • Cable length: 1.8 metres
Expression Pedal Yes
Volume Pedal No
available since August 2006
Item number 195660
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Available immediately

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For guitar players! A great one for the price!
agim lubonja 24.03.2020
I've been playing guitar for passion from many many years now. Using the foot midi controllers now that interact with computers and laptops softwares for guitar, I needed to have a exp. pedal to try some wah or volume (this do perfectly both), depending on the patch and chain of the effects. I opted for this one looking as one of the best in the selling list. The price also was very reasonable. Very very good! I'm really satisfy with the precision and how great this respond to what is asked for to do on the feet. Yes, don't forget it is plastic so press it carefully. I kept the switch at Others for the connecting. The pot it has allows to find the perfect max. and min. you need. Beyond this, it is a very good build pedal. Rubber on the top makes it feel very comfortable. It has rubber on the back and it never slides on any surface you put it. Honestly I am really surprised. I recommend this to all the guitar players that are looking to purchase a EXP pedal without breaking the bank. Thank You Thomann!


Squeaky plastics but does the job well.
Artyom Donka 20.07.2021
For the price it is okay. And this gives you an opportunity to connect multiple expression pedals at low budget. I never tried to put my hole weight on it and I would not advice that, but it will survive some occasional abuse I guess. Had to re-solder jack over 5 year usage.

* Cheap
* Reliable
* Lightweight
* Switch to change 'modes' actually helped me to get desired curve along with the adjusting wheel, that sets the lower limit.

* Plastics, that, I think could brake if abused. (It did not yet though :))
* Straight jack and soldered-in wire. (Angled jack could be one's preference and detachable wire would allow to choose wire length and type.)


A very good alternative
Edobedo 27.11.2021
I tried to buy it instead of the more expensive Roland EV 5.
Construction quality is good.
With his polarity switch it works with many keyboards.
Here is the list I tried:
Access Virus TI2: OK
Rhodes Chroma Polaris: Not working
Yamaha SY77: Volume only
Roland SuperJX: OK
Roland Alpha Juno 2: OK
Moog Matriarch: OK
Roland Jupiter 6: OK
Yamaha MODX8: OK
Sequential Prophet5 Rev4: OK

Not bad for the price!


Feels light, but works great.
Alan796 24.04.2020
When this first arrived I thought it felt a bit flimsy, but I've had it a couple of years now and it's still going strong, no issues at all.

The action, is not quite as nice (in my opinion) as the Moog EP-3 pedal, but I'm not quite sure if I can describle how. It might be the weight of the action, or it might be the angle of the base, but that could just be personal preference.

It works absolutely fine, and has lasted the test of time (though I didn't use it very heavily and didn't gig with it).

I'm taking one star off just because of the slightly lighter/cheaper feel, but in terms of function and value, it's bang on.


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