Marimba One DHR2 Double Helix Mallets



  • One Double Helix
  • Stick made of rattan
  • Head made of synthetic yarn and wool yarn, loosely wound
  • Warm and dark tone
  • Colour (yarn): Grey/champagne
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Including: 1 Pair
available since May 2009
Item number 230254
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Mallet head material Yarn
Stick Material Rattan
Hardness Hard
Suitable for Marimba
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Typical MarimbaOne mallets - best on their own instruments
László Demeter 16.11.2021
I’m quite happy with Marimba One’s pricing of their mallets - the lowest peice mallets already sound great and after that the more you pay, the better the sound gets (in my opinion).
But also!!! I think Marimba One mallets sound best on their own instruments, and unfortunately, in my experience, non of their mallets sound really great on Adams instruments - whuch is the most common brand in Europe.
So if you have a Marimba One marimba, than I this these mallets are for you! But if you mainly have Adams and Studio 49 instruments in your area, maybe buy Adams mallets instead.