Marantz Pro Sound Shield


Portable Recording Sound Wall / Reflection Filter for Microphones

  • Reduces the intake of unwanted noise such as echoes and space reflections
  • Usable on a table or on a commercially available microphone stand
  • Professional pyramidal EVA acoustic foam
  • Dimensions: 439 x 323 x 381 mm (open), 399 x 203 x 381 mm (folded)
  • Weight: 3 kg
available since August 2016
Item number 395938
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Mic Stand Absorber
Dimensions variable
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Very useful tool
Boggs 18.10.2021
In a well treated room a mic shield like this isn’t always needed and can even be a bit excessive, but, with a large diaphragm microphone or a bright room it can be really useful.

Quality is superb however the weight is certainly something so you best hope your mic stands are heavy duty too. I like that the shield has an extra foot that you remove in order to attach it with the stand, however you can also simply attach your clip or shockmount between the foot and the shield and it will rest comfortably on a desk without a stand.

A little trick too: you can get a momentously tight kick drum sound if you place your shield horizontally in front of your kick drum shielding an RE20 or even large diaphragm mic from your cymbals and crash it can really work a treat try it out.

This thing is not just useful for vocals with the third foot you can also place it on the ground directly in front of an amp, then even drape a blanket over the top for a very condensed sound.

Lots of uses and great build quality for the price I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a hefty mic shield. In my small room it can help isolate the vocals if a band is tracking all parts live simultaneously in the same space and helps remove bleed from the equation pretty well.

Won’t buy it again but that’s because I don’t need two and I doubt this thing will break in my lifetime.


Carol Anne 17.10.2020
I've been using this for recording at home in a not very well treated room. It has made a noticeable difference with the recordings.

It is heavy but it's well built and sturdy. You will need a strong microphone stand.
I removed the side panels when recording guitar so that I could get closer to the mic (make sure you take note of how they attach).

It's a pity that there is not the option to move the microphone holder bar up and down so that you can position the microphone better.

However, this is not too much of an issue.
Overall I am pleased with the purchase and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a better quality recording.


High quality but very heavy
Swords 28.12.2020
Beautiful and high quality shield, worth its price! FEels look. I must admit that the info in the manual not very clear..It was a pain to really figure it to install and what is what..

IN the end of the day I got it working..But the thing is you must have proper, better with heavy and thick pipe mic.stand. Otherwise it wont just stand, it will fall off.

I got proel professional mic stand, its made for open airs and heavy winds..Its really heavy abt 8-12 kg and even it is not meant for this shield + condenser and pop filter for ex..Its loss..and not stable..Because when you try to make the stand taller ( upon 180 cm + ) for tall people..It becomes really unstable..Yes it holds it..but if you accidentally move it or will fell down..

The best option to figure out exactly which microphone stand you need to purchase before you get this!

And yes it works really good, does the job!


Good for the price
G Muma 22.02.2022
The product is well built, not like a tank but it stands the pass of time. I have had it for 4 years already. I had some problems with the screws to fold the screen, but that is due to my usual travels in which I dismantle the screen. I never had to replace any part of it. Overall, I recommend it, it has been my loyal companion for many recordings already.


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