Ludwig LM402 Supra Phonic Snare


14" Snare DrumA single snare for concert percussionists as well as for drum sets

  • Supra Phonic Chrome Series
  • Size: 14" x 6.5"
  • Chrome plated smooth aluminium shell (seamless)
  • Imperial lugs
  • Supra-Phonic Snare strainer P88AC
available since July 2007
Item number 114416
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Diameter 14"
Depth 6,5"
Color of Shell Chrome
Color of Hardware Chrome
Die Cast Hoop No
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It was a long long run
Vratas61 16.01.2021
This might not be interesting for new generation. I began playing drums 45 years ago behind the iron curtain. We listened to rock heroes like Led Zep, Deep Purple e.t.c., yes the records were shared and bartered on black market and we tried to aproach the style, technique and sound of them. On weekend venues, if allowed, the bands like ours were highly appreciated even if the skills were uncomparable lower, the sound then terrible.
The drums sound were always in my focus, but the Ludwig snare not only out of my budget but out of my imagination. The local company served the market with the birch 14”x5” and plastic drumhead and I was happy to play that.
Later I quit playing for some time, and when I started again I was happy with maple snare good brand and thought this serves my needs. What a fool I was. When I bought LM402 I found two things, first I finaly got the sound I had on my mind since I was 15, second I have to improve my snare technique, because what this THING is offering in a way of expression and feeling is more then I can. I am looking forward every time I can touch and hit this snare. Believe me or not, I found my sound and this was a long run.


Drumroll.... a classic.
darraghenright 10.02.2021
I'm not going to add anything about this snare that already hasn't been said — we all know this classic! I recorded with an old one in a small studio once, it was a joy and it's been on my list since — so now I am a very happy owner.

I've enjoyed playing with it a lot so far, really enjoying that unmistakable crack and volume. I have been playing with the tuning a bit, getting familiar and trying to find something I truly like — I would echo another reviewer here and say that the stock heads are probably best replaced sooner rather than later. Presumably a lot of people do this, and I will do this myself soon when the local music shop opens again (greetings from lockdown Ireland).

For now, good enough. I'm excited to get to know this snare and cannot wait to whack it at a gig some time!


It's as good as everyone says it is!
Rod N. 09.06.2013
I bought this snare on recommendation.
It is a timeless classic no doubt, and records very well indeed.
It sounds good cranked up and really fat when tuned midrange.
It responds well to muffling and is great for light intricate stickwork and for heavy backbeat pounding.
The things that let it down are the stock heads - replace these immediately!
And the main problem is tuning, and getting it to stay in tune!
After looking at various drummer forums, I have decided at great expense, to invest in a complete set of Tightscrews. These will cost as much as a fifth again of the retail price!
An incredible sounding drum, with poor stock heads and notoriously hard to tune and keep in tune!


oldroger84 27.08.2019
it is a pity to receive such a snare with no even a case or a protective bag...
anyway the product is excellent !


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