Lehle Mono Volume


Volume pedal

  • Operates wear-free via a precision magnetic sensor
  • Without a mechanical potentiometer
  • Volume from -92 dB (mute) to 0 dB (unity gain), or +12 dB (boost with adjustable potentiometer)
  • No damping of higher frequencies
  • No sound loss
  • Supply voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilized and doubled to 18V
  • Total dynamic range of 110 dB by use of a Blackmer VCA
  • Low-friction bearings
  • Finely adjustable brake
  • Buffered direct-out as an output for a tuner or second amp
  • Power supply via a 9V - 15V DC or oder 7 - 12 V AC (coaxial power connector - polarity is not relevant, corresponding power suppy available under Article Nr 409939 (not included, must be ordered separately)
Volume pedal Yes
Expression Pedal No
Wah pedal No
Boost function Yes
Stereo No
available since September 2015
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Lehle volume pedal
Mel J. 24.09.2015
This is a seriously well-engineered pedal. It's extremely solid and weighs a ton - an advantage and a disadvantage, I suppose. It comes with fixings for screwing to a board, with cutouts and holes on the pedal base to accommodate the screws, which is a nice touch. The whole thing feels very high quality.

The 'throw' of the pedal and the way it feels underfoot are great - a nice wide range of operation that beats those pedals based on a wah chassis for feel (like the Mission VM pro, for example) and makes swells and minor alterations much easier. The buffered output is in my opinion a good thing, and the option of the direct out is a useful touch, too. The 10db boost you can dial in from the rotary control is a useful addition though i have no current need for it. Maybe i'll find one though...

I have only one criticism, and that is the location of the power supply socket, wedged in between the edge of the chassis and the output jack. This means using an angled power cable (as provided by Cioks by default, for example) is more difficult than it should be. Lehle - if you're listening - a small cutout in the base plate under the power socket would be a nice addition in future. Oh, and the manual is a bit mixed up with some German and English pages mixed up. Easy to figure out though.

Other than that - the best volume pedal I've tried by a large margin, and no pots or strings or gears to wear out!


Great solution for very loud amps!
Astaire 10.05.2021
I've got the Marshall SV20C combo and it's very very loud - my neighbours could just die of that volume level, so I bought this pedal and set it to the FX Loop with the LLX Sommer Cable. What can I say - the sound is great! Fantastic option and I don't need to buy an expensive loadbox with features that I don't need. The pedal is a great quality - Lehle produces great solutions! I set the 4 stars because my pedal was damaged by the shipping company and got wet (the package was torn from one side and it was snowing in Russia in the middle of the spring), visually the pedal has got a physical dark tone mark on a rubber pad, but it works great. So thank you Lehle for durable products! I sent my message to Thomann to pack parcels better because Russian post is a company that doesn't care much for their customers (but that's typical for the states companies - especially in Russia)...


High quality - innovative technology!!
Asterios 01.09.2020
I wanted a high quality volume pedal and I was ready to buy a well known one, made in America. After searching more in Thomann's site I found about this Lehle Mono Volume pedal! It was a bit more expensive, but with an innovative technology (wear-free magnetic sensor) and made in Germany (I trust products that are made in Germany!)

High quality!
Sturdy metal case!
Innovative technology (magnetic sensor=wear-free!)
Made in Germany!

No cons for me!
Maybe it seems a bit expensive, but if you really want a volume pedal of high quality and technology, think about it!


One flaw
Zafos 28.11.2020
The good:
Exceptional quality.
Excellent sound that doesn't compromise the highs in any position of the pedal and the dynamics of your playing.
These are the selling points and they did a wonderful job at Lehle.

The OK:
Good sweep but not quite like the one on the ernie ball MVP.
Quite difficult to leave the pedal in the desired position. I did tighten the screw but it has not much resistance. The ernie ball MVP again is better at this.

The Bad
The buffer does add some noise/hum. It's not something huge, you have to listen carefully but if you have already some hum from your high gain amp it might bother you. If you play clean I don't think you will have any problem. Again the ernie ball MVP doesn't add any noise but it doesn't sound as good as the lehle in any position and you lose some dynamics.


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