LD Systems Road Jack 10


Portable Battery-Powered Speaker with Bluetooth and Integrated Mixer

  • Equipped with: 10" Ferrite woofer and 3" wide range HF driver
  • Integrated class D power amp with 25 W (100 W peak)
  • Frequency response: 65 - 18,000 Hz
  • SPL (sound pressure level): 96 dB (117 dB max)
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • MP3 player for USB stick (up to 32 GB) and SD card media
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 20 hours running time and approx. 6 hours charging time
  • Integrated wheelie case function
  • Stand flange mount: 36 mm
  • Dimensions: 415 x 525 x 328 mm
  • Weight: 16,2 kg
  • Includes a practical IR remote control
  • Suitable cover available under Article Nr 490230 and Article Nr 396342 (both are not included, must be ordered separately)

Integrated 3-channel mixer:

  • XLR/Jack combo input
  • Jack instrument/Line input
  • RCA L/R input
  • 2-Band master EQ
  • Integrated echo effect
available since September 2014
Item number 337659
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Weight 16,2 kg
Woofer Size in Inch 10"
Power (Manufacturers specification) 100 W
Mic Preamp 2
Effect Section Yes
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head) No
Optional Wireless Modul No
CD Player No
Bluetooth Play Yes
USB Player Yes
SD Card Player Yes
Type PA
Width 415 mm
Color Black
larghezza 415 mm
Depth 328 mm
Height 525 mm
profondità 328 mm
Altezza 525 mm
Peso 16,2 kg
RMS Power 25 W
Woofer in Inch 10"
Number of Woofers 1
Sound Pressure in dB 117 dB
Potenza RMS 25 W
Freqency min. 65 Hz
Power (Manufacturers Specification) 100 W
Frequency max. 18 kHz
Accumulatore 1
parallel Inputs 3
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote IR
Master EQ 1
IR/Bluetooth Remote 1
Cover 396342
Trolley 1
Pole Socket 35 mm
Battery Information 12V 5Ah
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Probably the best portable PA
TheAlex21gr 12.06.2019
I mainly use the LD Systems Road Jack 10 for busking with an electric guitar. I use a pedalboard with a cabinet simulator so it feels like I'm playing through a guitar amp. The cab sim is a must only if you use distortion, since PA speakers don't filter out the unwanted frequencies and the result is a very harsh sound.

Sound quality is excellent. There is nothing to comment on that. With the master volume at 9 o'clock it's already very loud for a room. When playing at a noisy environment I usually place the knob around 1-2 o'clock. I would say that's the maximum loudness you can get before distortion occurs on a bass-heavy song, but I haven't attempted to go further. It also depends on the position of the other knobs. I'm not sure if you could play with a loud drummer as I haven't tried that. But it's definitely very loud!

This PA has everything I need or I will ever need. Two channels, so you can sing and play at the same time, USB/SD reader (MP3 files only), Bluetooth/RCA/AUX for playing music, a remote control and two-band EQ. The Echo effect applies only to channel 1 and feels like short delay, nothing special but I guess it's good for vocals. If you want to plug another instrument to channel 1 you'll need a DI box. I'm not sure if you can use the USB port as a charger, I haven't tried this.

For my needs the battery life is excellent. I go out, play for 2-3 hours and when I return home I make sure to fully charge the battery. This is how you should treat rechargeable batteries. According to the manufacturer it should last for 20 continuous hours, but I'll never have to do this. Some people report that the battery dies after 1-2 years or so. I can't comment on that, I'm sure that with the way I use it the battery will last way longer.

Overall, the unit is built like a tank. It's quite heavy and I have to switch hands frequently when I take it for a long walk. One minor detail is that the knobs feel cheap, but it doesn't really matter. However I'm not sure about the quality of the trolley handle. It is quite shaky and doesn't feel like it will last. It hasn't disappointed me yet even on the roughest grounds, but I'll have to wait and see if it fails.

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Even if you don't busk, you can play music for a party, do karaoke, play guitar, bass and pretty much any instrument with an audio jack such as a keyboard or electronic drums.
battery life


FreeRadikal 27.03.2022
The speaker seem to be a nice purchase at first. However after about 2 years of using - the battery went. And all seem to be fine because it is 3 year warranty but... NOT ON THE BATTERY, which is only 6 MONTHS!!!
I asked thomann customer support what to do in this case and they said you can replace it yourself! It that a joke?!?! Nope, it is not a joke. Disappointed.
battery life


Autonomous Sound
CharlieCharlie 31.01.2022
This is a solidly built versatile sound system - rugged and portable. Whilst any system with just a 10" speaker (and tweeter) is a compromise - it nevertheless is a very good answer to supplementing sound 'on the street'. With very good battery life the system allows several instruments to be discreetly amplified for an early dance troupe dancing in various locations. Using a wireless Mike system everything can be hidden - and look! No wires! The unit on a small speaker stand is disguised as a chest of drawers with a plant stand on top!
battery life


amazing what you get for this price
Jean-Claude Van Damme 11.03.2022
I'd say it sounds good for its price range - nothing stellar, but good enough. The battery's capacity is very generous. The features are pretty good. It can be a bit loud when necessary. It's not as sturdy as pro PA equipment, but I wouldn't call it fragile either. In mine, there's a tiny bit of hum coming from the transformer (not through the speaker, but through the panel) when plugged into the mains - even when switched off. It's not really an issue, except I wouldn't keep it plugged near my bed at night.
battery life


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