Korg Volca Sample New Generation


Portable sampler with step sequencer

  • Maximum polyphony: 8 voices
  • Memory for up to 200 samples (8 MB, 130 seconds)
  • Sample frequency: 31.25 kHz / 16 bit
  • "Analogue Isolator" for bass and treble
  • Integrated reverb effect
  • Swing control
  • Pattern chain function
  • Sequencer: 10 parts, 16 steps
  • 16 Memory locations for patterns
  • 2 Different step jump modes
  • Start Delay
  • Functions: Motion Sequence, Active Step, Step Jump, Swing
  • Sample import via USB or via the AudioPocket app for iOS
  • Multi Touch Keyboard
  • LED display
  • Power supply via 6 AA batteries or mains adapter (Korg KA-350 - not included)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 193 x 45 x 115 mm
  • Weight without batteries: 372 g
  • Includes sync cable and 6 AA batteries


  • Stereo headphone output: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • Sync input and output: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • MIDI input
  • Micro-B USB
Available since September 2020
Item number 501362
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Polyphony 8
Internal Storage Yes
Storage Medium internal
File Format WAV
Time Stretching No
Effects Yes
USB-port Yes
MIDI interface 1x In
Analogue Inputs 1
Analogue Outputs 1
Digital Outputs No
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Design Desktop
Control MIDI, Trigger Pads
Optional Expansions Korg Volca Series
Special Features Battery Powering
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Compact rompler

With its Volca series, KORG introduces a line of compact analogue synthesizers that are easy to play and can be used to create entire productions. The Volca Sample, as its name suggests, is a sample-based drum machine with a 16-step sequencer. The illuminated control knobs allow the samples to be extensively edited via twelve different parameters, while the "Tempo" and "Swing" controls can be used to adjust the rhythm. A digital reverb unit is also on board to add extra spatial effects to the performance. This second-generation drum machine expands on the original Volca Sample with an additional USB port for computers as well as a larger storage capacity for samples and new sounds.

Clearly designed sequencing

The Volca Sample features an eight-voice polyphony and a sequencer with 16 steps for playing ten sequences simultaneously. Up to 16 patterns can be stored and arranged into a song, with a maximum of six patterns. In live performance mode, the 16 keys reproduce rhythms in a fixed grid, whereas in step mode they enable steps. In addition, 150 internal samples and 50 memory slots for your own samples are also included, thus offering sufficient space for a total of 130 seconds of audio with an internal memory of 8MB. A two-pole filter and an envelope are used to process the samples, while start and end points can also be specified. The FUNC key activates additional functions for the 16 keys, including the motion sequence, which records automations of the adjustable sample parameters.

Created for successful performances

Electronic music artists will find in the Volca Sample a compact drum machine that allows them to create sample-based rhythms in the smallest of spaces, ideal for beginners and advanced musicians alike. The Volca Sample is a rompler, as it does not record the programmed sequences, making it particularly suitable for live performances - which is also thanks to its clearly designed user interface with illuminated controls that are especially useful in dim lighting conditions. In addition, the Volca Sample can be operated wirelessly using AA batteries - six of which are included in the scope of delivery, as is a sync cable for synchronising with other Volca Samples. The Volca can also be transported safely and conveniently using one of the optionally available cases.

About Korg

For many years, the Korg brand has been synonymous with innovative synthesizers, workstations, keyboards, digital pianos, and more. With instruments such as the MS20, Polysix, Wavestation, KRONOS, and the Volca series (to name but a few), the Japanese company founded by Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai in 1963 has created legendary synthesizers whose names are music to the ears of many keyboard players. In addition, the Korg company is the inventor of the world's first handheld tuner, the WT-10. However, Korg has always stood for quality and innovation, not only in analogue synthesizers, digital workstations, arranger keyboards, and digital pianos, but also in guitar amplifiers. After Korg acquired the brand rights to Vox Amplification Ltd. in 1992, Korg expanded the Vox brand to include inexpensive digital guitar amplifiers with integrated modelling technology, in addition to new versions of the legendary AC30.

Sample recording with the app

One of the latest features of the Volca Sample is the chain mode for patterns with two different step-jump modes. In addition, a delay can be used to shift the starting points of individual parts, creating varied rhythms. The "Audio Pocket" app for iOS records new samples and sends them directly to the Volca Sample, so new sounds can be recorded quickly and easily via a smartphone. In this way, new rhythms can be composed from ambient sounds. Volca Sample users can also download exclusive sample packs and demo songs by two artists: Moe Shop and Torenia.

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36 Reviews

peter_spy 07.04.2022
A fun little groovebox that is best when you have some alone time with your headphones. But I doubt its usefulness in a long term, or the ability to 'grow up with the user'.
The interface looks very cool, but as others already mentioned, knobs are wobbly. Most of them are also very thin, and very tightly packed, which is not great in terms of overall control, if you have bigger hands. That gets even more tiresome as the hours go by.
The portability is also questionable, because this thing needs many batteries and burns through them fast. It's probably due to the internal speaker, which is poor quality and has no low end. In my opinion, it's just bad design.
I know there are people that can link several of these boxes and make live music with them, but the amount of batteries (or Korg-specific AC adapters) required is ridiculous, an exact opposite of "eco friendly". It might look flashy on Youtube, but IMO it would be wiser just to save up and buy one decent synth.


Not what I'd hoped.
El Tauro 18.01.2022
- Fun, straightforward synth which is easy to get started with.
- Good looking, attractive design.
- Lightweight and able to take battery power

- Very limited onboard memory
- I have been unable to get my Volca Sample2 to accept samples from either the Volca Librarian software or Vosyr.
- Samples that do load are made noisey in the process.
- The pots for the bass/treble filter knobs (above the screen) wobble when you move them. I have been reassured by other Volca owners that this is normal, however having looked at a stripdown of the unit online, I note they are surface mounted components. Movement is not good for solder joints, so I expect this movement may lead to breakage over time.

Overall, it's fine for what it is but I was expecting a better product Korg, and my frustrations with the desktop software have lead me to finally give up and return it.


Lot of fun in a small box!
Vitenax 08.03.2021
As a complete beginner I have to say that this device is beginner friendly, easy to use and intuitive. I was able to play and enjoy its features almost immediately. Sound is very nice and rich with external speakers, but a speaker of the device is poor. The whole device is plastic, but I have to say it's surprisingly solid and tough - well built.
I would recommend Korg Volca Sample for anyone who wants to start to create this type of music. Beginner speaking. :)


Great for the price
JkPeterson 30.09.2023
I was interested in the Volca Sample, because I had the PO-33 and wanted a simpler way of importing samples and the Volca Sample 2 does that perfectly. The sound is also good, it has a lot of character to it. The main thing I wish the Sample 2 had tho, would be longer sequences. The 16-step sequencer is great at some things, but it just gets very repetitive for me.


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