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Korg MS-20 mini

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Monophonic Analogue Synthesiser

  • 37 Mini keys
  • Reproduction of the original analogue circuitry
  • Structure: 2VCO / 2 VCA / VCF 2/2 EC / 1 LFO
  • Self-oscillating high-pass / low-pass filter with distortion
  • External signal processor (ESP)
  • Flexible patching system
  • Connections: Line output 3.5 mm mini jack, headphone output 3.5 mm mini jack, MIDI in, USB
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 493 x 257 x 208 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Power adaptor and 10 patch cords included
Number Of Keys 37
Touch-Sensitive No
Aftertouch No
Split Zones No
Modulation Wheel Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 1
Sound Engine Analogue
MIDI interface 1x In
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects None
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No
Item number 305808
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After a week
Anonymous 05.03.2017
I've been messing with this synthesiser for about a week now. I must admit it's a lot more to take in than i had expected. There's way too many features and ways to use this synth in retrospect to others within the same price range as well as ways to connect it to other gear you have.

Fully supportive of eurorack, i've got a beatstep connected to this as well as my Arturia Keylab49. I prefer the bigger keys of my arturia to be honest as well as the fact that i can control my ableton sessions from there as well. I have no problem with the small keys presented by Korg on the MS-20 mini but i like having more octaves for a quick switch up.

It comes with a booklet with multiple preset options to get you on your way and creating your own sounds. it also has some empty ones so while jamming if you happened to cross an awesome sound you can fill in the information and have it for when you wana come back to the sound.

3.5mm to 1'4" is a little weird for me, however the output signal is quite nice, you do need a mono cable though. It also supports USB for midi communications which is awesome if you don't use much analog gear.

- Great look and feel
- Price range is perfect for all it's features
- Compatibility with setup is high

- Plastic knobs
- Small keys

I would 100% recommend this synth to any professional, amateur and beginner musician. It's just a beautiful synth.


the beast
Anonymous 09.08.2015
The more I use it, the more I love it! No doubt this is one of the best synthesizers. (I never tried the original one, but comparing videos with them for sure the mini is not that powerful, still.. its amazing!)

Yes, its noisy and hissy but thats the way I like it. The filter is the beast here... a totally boring digital kinda synth can get you wet when you push the frequencies to the limits...

Its one of those few synths you will see in every major artist's studio, and not only for collecting dust... I am sure they use it in every song and album they make.

It only accepts note data, so for example, for automation of filters you have to do them by hand. Which is big fun to do!

It always impress me and probably the only minus is that you cant save presets, but you can just print the blank ones you got together with the synth.

And if by any chance you own a space echo... man... the combination is out of this world... add some reverb to it too and you can even make ambient music...

With a little bit of knowledge and imagination there is nothing that this CHEAP piece of plastic cant make... yes, in my opinion its very cheap! Its the best synth you can get for the money and actually I am pretty sure you cant get something better for even twice of its price!


A piece of magic
Gary H 21.02.2020
My first ever synth; what a glorious piece of kit! It never fails to sound fresh. I found sequencing it with the Arturia Beatstep Pro to be a real treat. I program one of the sequencers to trigger notes on the MS20, get a bit of rhythm going then use the velocity and gate out of one of the other sequencers on the Beatstep Pro through the patchbay on the MS20 to add depth to the sound. It's simply awesome.

If you're new to synths just know it doesn't have memory or anything so you'll have to take a note of a patch you make. If you zero all of the knobs and video yourself patching a sound, you can get it again but if you don't video it you'll likely never get that sound again which is just the nature of the beast. Highly recommend this purchase! Oh and when buying make sure to get a mono minijack to 1/4 inch jack so you can actually get audio out of the thing, otherwise you'll have to do it all in headphones which can be dangerous to the ears as the MS20 has a moreish, gritty sound and is tempting to crank the volume up!

Good luck!


I love it
Muschbit 29.04.2021
I never touched the original MS-20 but I love the sound of that mini version. I did not get any problem of noise. It is a noisy beast but nothing problematic. And actually in many situation the noise is barely hear able.
The sound have a very special texture. It's a real good and fun instrument.
Only down point, the build quality, is not the best, not too bad though... is what you would expect for less than 500€.


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