K&M 19740 Tablet PC Holder


Tablet PC Holder

  • Universal tablet holder
  • Suitable for tablets such as all iPad models incl. iPad Pro 12.9", iPad
  • Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface etc.
  • Clamping range (narrow side): 120 - 222 mm
  • Attachment suitable for tube diameters up to 30 mm
  • Tension spring for quick insertion and removal
  • Adjustable clamping bracket - Maximum thickness of tablet: 20 mm
  • Rotatable for portrait and landscape format
  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Colour: Black

Note: Tripod and equipment not included.

available since November 2012
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Great tablet PC holder
Spanna 25.08.2015
I had been working with a music stand behind my keyboard for my tablet and a mic stand by the side. I saw this miraculous gizmo and realised I could lose the music stand and have the mic stand in a much better place in front of me. I have a 21cm x 12cm tablet and it fits perfectly - and there's loads of scope for size adjustment for other devices. The stand fitting is very robust. You can pivot the tablet to virtually any position or orientation and the assembly which holds the table is really well designed and constructed. Not a cheap device, but well worth the investment and when you see how it's built - good value for money. And I now have one fewer stand to fit in the car.

With more experience of using this, I now think it's even better. I've started clamping it to top tier of my keyboard stand and for practice when I don't need a mic stand, it's even easier to set up. It is flexible enough to configure your tablet in any orientation from any handy bar or boom of almost any diameter (within reason). Top product.


Does its Job
Zenn 16.02.2017
Ok, so I wanted a holder to hold a 10inch tablet for onstage lyrics.
I took a chance on this item.
On a positive note, once initially put together, it is quite easily attachable to the mic stand. It is also very easy to adjust to different size tablets (although I am not sure of the max or min size). I can even let the tablet in the protective tablet flip cover and it still fits in the holder.
On a negative side, it is initially a bit figity to set up, not clear cut. It is also an awkward shape in term of packing away afterwards(thus the 3 stars for handling).
It is a reasonable weight, so I would suggest ensuring that the mic stand has a good solid base weight to ensure it does not cause the mic stand to topple when attached.
Overall, this was worth the purchase and does the job that i required it for.
Price-wise, you could do a lot worse for your money.
Hope this helps.


Best Option
Mat H. 18.09.2015
This is such a great product. It's sturdy and secure and it lets you to mount your tablet while still having a cover or protective sleeve on it which most of the other options don't allow. It's also versatile enough that you can position it pretty much just where you want to have it.

If there is one drawback, I wish the arm was a little longer. This is just because, if you're limited for space and want it attached to the stand that's holding your mic, you end up looking over the top of the mic at it and you can effectively only see it with one eye (the other being blocked by the mic). It's not a huge problem, and almost all of the tablet mounts out there will have the same issue but, another four to six inches of reach on the arm could eliminate this problem.


Ideal for iPad
ABScott 19.01.2019
I have used this holder for my iPad on cruise ships as a musicians where they are being used for 7-8 hours every day 365 days of the year. These things sure stand the test of time. However you need to make sure that for stability, they are on a trustworthy stand to begin with, but if you do have a good stable stand, there shoudl be no problem at all.