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K&M 14760


Guitar Performer Stand

  • For electric guitars
  • Improved model
  • Extremely stable, 2-way height
  • Instrument support through stable toothed joint in the inclination, easily adjustable
  • Instrument holder is completely covered with felt to protect the instrument and can be adapted to different body thickness
  • Height: 690/1550 mm
  • Folded: 790 mm
  • Weight: 3.34 kg
  • Colour: Black
Item number 137082
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Suitable for most guitars - excellent
Sooz 08.05.2020
I’m very impressed with the service and the stand. I ordered the stand on 1st May, and it was delivered from Germany to the UK 5 days later - during lockdown.

In spite of the product image, the stand I received has a slot in the ‘strap’ to allow access to jack sockets below the strap button. I was only expecting it to suit Strat-type, front of guitar plug in. I have a mix of guitar styles including a hollow-bodied Gretsch, which the stand copes with easily.

The stand has a real benefit to me in terms of practicing for long periods, when I have neck and shoulder issues - probably from too many years of gigging : )
It’s useful when sitting or standing, and is set up so I can just sit behind it and play, and not fuss over headphones, cables, etc.
I’m really pleased - you can tell : )


Very high quality stand, with some reservations.
JimmyTwoTimes 06.08.2021
I purchased this because my back was hurting when practicing, I was slouching and could not sustain practice because of back issues.


- EXTREMELY well thought out. Height is adjustable. Base is very solid. Instructions have a lot of "safety" remarks you should go through, but clearly written, easy to understand.

- They even thought that you might want to see the freboard at times, so they made it so you can incline it with a simple, gentle press, while the guitar is mounted. Its such a friggin clever system. Sometimes you want to not see the fretboard and leave it fully vertical to practice like on stage, other times you practice precision and you need to see frets - just GENTLY tilt guitar towards you while mounted. When done, tilt back vertically for safety. Brilliant.

- unexpected benefits - I find myself practicing a LOT more, because the guitar sits elevated on the stand in a corner of the living room, amp is on, and it's very tempting to just go to it and practice.


- The most important clamp, which connects the holder to the base, doesn't seem at all safe to me. It seems to be very inflexible when rotating and you cannot gauge whether it's in a safe position or not. More thought should be put into this one most important clamp.

- Consider your pets messing around this thing.


L'orteil à l'air 07.04.2021
I use this at home to fit my electric 12 string. It was very hard to find a stand like this for electric guitar bodies.

I was not impressed at first because the holding mechanism seems a bit flimsy, but then the (pretty heavy) guitar stayed there for weeks with occasional playing without moving or sliding a bit.

Playing on the stand is ok but the guitar is very vertical, It would be nice to have the possibility to tilt the guitar a bit to improve the view of the neck.

I recommend.


too hasty judgment
Fedetapping 06.10.2016
I bought it to play tapping style. It spring on all sides. Not stable at all. I'm thinking of taking it to a blacksmith to make a modification or looking for another one. IT MUST BE STABLE AND FIRM !


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