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Keo Percussion Snare Dampener


Snare Dampener

  • Reduces overtones
  • Fixing by 2 steel magnets
  • Suitable for snares with a diameter of 10" to 16"
  • Material: Hardboard
  • Aluminium cover
  • Surface: Felt
  • Includes adapters for non-magnetic hoops
Type Damper Plate
Size 10", 12", 14", 16"
available since February 2019
Item number 459808
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sonic impact


great tool!
northern-drummer 25.01.2021
This has to be the best dampening tool i have tried so far! I have tried many home made and ordered systems to damp my snares but this has proven to be the best by far!
The magnets really do a good job at keeping it in place, and wont allow it to fly off even when hit by a stick !
It stays discreet and even looks good on a snare
I also used it on my floor tom for recordings, it did provide good dampening and never got i any flickering sounds out of it.

The only cons i find is that it might be a bit short, the dampening is good but if you have to play different genres in one gig you might find the need to add gels or tape, depending on the sound required.
Also, depending on how hard you play, even though high quality, you might damage it a little as it is made moslty out of wood,

Still, I highly recommend you to get a few of these, they come in very handy and well built and are relatively cheap compared to other dampening tools i tried.

Five stars from me!
sonic impact


Great sound, okay quality
kbvw 20.05.2021
Using this with a Tama SLP hickory snare, Remo fiberskyn heads. Currently playing mostly neo-soul, normally more jazz.

+ Perfect amount of dampening in this setting, sounds better than moongel (too much dampening) or drumclip (too little). I don't carry a leather wallet, but I imagine the sound should be a bit in that direction. Got a surprisingly fat sound out of this snare for the neo-soul gig.
+ Convenient, stays neatly in place with the magnets, easy to put in place or remove between songs.
+ Hardboard body, not too heavy, seems robust.

- Quality of finish less than expected at this price: the shiny layer on top with the logo is just a coating, was already scratched when I got it and comes off easily.

Perhaps a bit expensive given the materials and given the many 'improvised' dampening options, but sounds great, so I'm happy.
sonic impact


google translate de
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Zu groß, zu schwer
dörili 18.12.2019
Zuerst dachte ich: super.
Dann aber fielen mir die Probleme auf.
Zum einen: viel zu groß und hoch
Man schlägt schon mal dagegen. Es schränkt die Spielweise doch merklich ein.
Ferner auch zu hoch. Es ragt über den Kessel heraus.
Erneut: Einschränkungen.

Ferner ist es recht schwer und durch die Größe verursachen diese Merkmale, dass die Seite, wo es aufliegt ZU SEHR gedämpft wird.
Auch die Teppichansprache wird dadurch ungünstig beeinflusst.

Letztlich klang ein Küchentuch am oberen Rand besser ;-)

Es ist nutzbar, aber für 30€ irgendwie sinnfrei.
sonic impact


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